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miricles never cease

Discussion in 'Prayers and Meditations' started by elmarna, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. elmarna

    elmarna New Member

    For those who doubt that miricle are not happening I want you to realize a group of people who through prayer, meditation, and remote viewing formed a non profit (free) association to help those in their worst hour.
    They have a web site. Google fire burn doctor.
    Burn doctor has given miricles to burn victums which those who have received their services call miricles. It is for everyone world wide and is most effective within the first 30 min of the inncedent. It has still been effective if called in hours, but the results are not so profound.
    Help is as simple as picking up the phone. You do not have to be the 1 burned to get the help for someone.
    The number is 1-818-332-6445
    I would not be saying this if I did not see it happen with my own eyes.
    I know what burns can do. The child was pain free before getting to the hospital that was 10 minutes away!
    Please look up fire burn doctor. I have it now entered in my phone for my own loved 1's. And yes if I call I will not be without adding my own prayers!!!
  2. The Sum of Awe

    The Sum of Awe Realitarian

    Something tells me, that only things you find good are miracles, everything bad that happens if your fault or the doctor's.
  3. Iti oj

    Iti oj guru of the new rf Staff Member Premium Member

    RF cult leader & taosit black magician
    Need more info to say or speculate anything
  4. HonestJoe

    HonestJoe Well-Known Member

    They don't seem to be claim this is anything to do with prayer but some form of (conveniently unexplained) "ancient technology" there seems to be no independent evidence supporting their claims and, of course, absolutely zero explanation of the mechanism they're claiming to use.

    What they are doing is gathering the details of people they know are susceptible to being convinced by such things. There is no concrete evidence of actual fraud I've found on a quick search but plenty of healthy scepticism and concern that the organisation seems to react to very agressively.


  5. cablescavenger

    cablescavenger New Member


    Yeah, that no pain thing is associated with 3rd degree burns.

    If the group of people want to learn how to treat burns and then take the calls they might be more effective.
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