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Million Voices for Darfur


The cake is a lie
"The 20th Century is haunted by the ghosts of the millions of innocent victims of genocide the world failed to protect. From the Holocaust to Rwanda, the question of "How could this be allowed to happen?" will hang in the air forever. And those who stood by will be forever defined by what they failed to do.

We can stop the Genocide in Darfur -- but we must act now."

Million Voices for Darfur is a campaign focused on getting 1 million signed postcards delivered to President Bush, urging him to take action. More than 2.5 million people have been displaced due to violence in the area, and 400,000 have died. Rape and starvation remain widespread problems.

You can read about the current situation in Darfur here. Sending one postcard will cost you 39 cents... it's not that hard to help out. :shout


Veteran Member
Well done Jensa. On a day when "Never Again" is the catchphrase, this is hugely important.


Well-Known Member
The fact that the u.n. hasn't ended this by now shows the anarchronism that is the u.n.


Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
I filled it in, but it wouldn't accept the details I gave (mostlikely because the Zip code you have is a slighly different format from our 'post code'):(

Good on you Jensa!!;)

Edit: I tried three times, and have three thank you emails; seems it did accept me!:eek:


The cake is a lie
Seyorni said:
The E-mail postcard seemed to go on its way at no charge.
It does go for free, yes. As a general rule I kind of distrust online petitions, though... they're just too easy to forge. Signatures are a bit harder. That's just personal bias, though.

Thanks for signing the online one, Seyorni (and everyone else who has) :)