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Methodist and Alcohol and Gambling

I went to a Methodist church today for the first time. Are Methodist against drinking alcohol and gambling? I did not about this today. Thanks


It was on fire when I laid down on it.
I've attended Methodist churches for many years. The Methodist church was very active in the temperance movement in the early part of the 20th century. However, most modern day Methodists that I know are tolerant, and I have yet to meet one who was opposed to drinking.

As for gambling - I have no idea - never heard it even brought up in any Methodist church I've been a part of.
I visited a Methodist church on Sunday. The people were very nice. I have been visiting the Catholic church and love the Mass. The Methodist church did things they do in the Catholic church. I do drink from time to time, not much, maybe once every two months, and not much at that. Plus I may visit a horse track once a year just for fun. All this is OK in the Catholic church. Not sure about the Methodist church though.


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As unusual as it may be, I have quite a few friends who are devote drinking and gambling Methodists, so I doubt that either is forbidden by the religion, although they may be frowned on.

Philda Tressie

God Supremist
Excessive use of alcohol is forbidden. Gambling is forbidden as it can create expectations contrary to Christian belief which is complete trust in God.