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Mental health workers be crazy!!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Spiderman, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    Today at group the staff said "**** you!" To the drug addicts. I was actually drifting from the conversation, so that's the only part of the group I remember. He said it more than once.

    He is a recovering drug addict. A lot of drug staff and mental health professionals seem mentally ill to me.:tonguewink:

    My caseworker "Hannah Banna" :p loves to bash conservatives and talk about how white males want to control a woman's body. Are caseworkers supposed to talk about that?

    I kid you not, my mental health peer support specialist told me her lady parts have a "mind of their own" and she said "Matt, you aren't out of our league".

    I'm not opposed to her saying that at all, but I'm surprised in her proffession.

    My last therapist was a homosexual. (Are we allowed to use the word "flaming" on this site. If not please edit these three sentences. But by flaming, I mean you could tell the guy was gay as soon as you meet him. He was a good person, just seemed mental.)

    Anyway, What was the weirdest time somebody told you "**** you!?"

    The weirdest time for me was I visited a Trappist monastery in Utah. I approached what appeared to be a mentally ill homeless guy. I offered him a five dollar bill. He gave me the evil eye and said, "**** you!"

    Have your children ever said "**** you" to you?
  2. JustGeorge

    JustGeorge Retired Ruler
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Jul 25, 2020
    Maybe you just have to be crazy to get into mental health....

    My dad took me to a counsellor when I was a teen because he thought I was nuts. The counsellor was alright, but I could tell she had her own issues. She was a very very thin woman, but any time I'd mention perhaps I'd have children one day, she'd freak out and say "don't you realize what that will do to your body? Are you okay with that?" and she'd get all jittery and weird...

    Obviously, she had issues.

    As time went on, I could pick out more of her issues, and I refused to see her anymore. It wasn't because she had issues, it was because she liked to project them onto others.

    I don't know what the weirdest time I've had the F bomb thrown at me...but I recall once that my oldest son's father(at 27) came up to me once while I was playing a game and sneered "I'm hungry and haven't eaten in days. I'm filthy and I stink. How can you live with yourself?" I wanted to laugh really hard, but he was abusive, and that would have been a mistake. I asked him why he didn't eat, and why didn't he take a bath. Well, I wasn't cooking for him(I was the only one working, he did not). He claimed he couldn't make his own food, because the magic went out of it. I asked him why he didn't take a bath. Well, he couldn't, because his socks and his towels were in the laundry, and he couldn't go to the basement to get them because he might get a splinter on the stairs.

    And people wonder why I have such a poker face. Having to fight years of laughter over crap like that... well, I'm a pro at this point.

    My oldest son says F you a lot. Pretty much daily. Most of its not serious. He has some language control problems. He still has some work to do, but he's a lot better than where he was.
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  3. ChristineM

    ChristineM "Be strong" I whispered to my coffee.
    Premium Member

    Mar 3, 2017
    I think the first time someone has given me the "**** you" was about a month ago. I act as a sort of unofficial councillor to my brother in law who is schizophrenic, we speak on the phone several times each day. He asked me a question i don't remember precisely was it was, i do remember my reply was "i think you are very ill".

    He went ballistic and screamed down the phone "**** YOU, JUST **** YOU" then hung up.

    I was devastated, we can normally get on so well, i listen to his troubles and give what i consider the best answer i can give.

    We spoke again a couple of hours later, he acted like nothing had happened and he's never apologised. Although i would like him to apologise I won't push it and put it down to him having a particularly bad day

    Mental illness must really suck
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