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Marriage,Wisdom and Joshua The Messiah

Discussion in 'Biblical Debates' started by zecritr, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. zecritr

    zecritr New Member

    Jan 21, 2005
    :162: First how i see scripture and how it is used.
    1.john 5:39 Joshua says the scriptures point to Him
    2.the temple was a shadow of the temple in Heaven,hence the principle that scriptures,the written words are a shadow of the true Living God. 3.Isaiah 28:13 says how to look at the scriptures a little here a little there,this is also called rightly dividing the Word of Truth throughout all 66 books.

    Adam and Eve are the first example in scripture of what marriage is to be,in Genesis 1:24 they come together as one.so how does this reflect The Christ who is God?Well one then goes to genesis 1 where He who is the Creator says let us make them in our image,both male and female.
    The question comes to mind Who is He talking to?must be female because He made adam in His image as a male.so who was Eve made in the image of?does scripture thence God have an answer for that?Yes. In Proverbs 8 we have Wisdom personified.
    In proverbs 8:22-25 we have the creation birth bringing forth of Wisdom as a Person,since there was nothing to be created out of except Himself,He made Her out of Himself,Hence the Eve example and model.
    Later on in proverbs starting in verse 26 She says She was the one standing by HIS side at creation,Hence She was the one Our Creator God was talking to.
    Jesus says in luke 7:35 and Matthew 11 that Wisdom is She.Revelations 12:1 describes Her as clothed with Sunshine(Sonshine:woohoo: )
    The Bride in Revelations is said to be the New Jerusalem in rev.21 in rev22 the Bride Speaks,i didn't see where in the description of the new Jerusalem that the city had lips.
    Jesus/Joshua is flesh and blood and He is Our Living God for Him to have a companion/Bride of equal stature She would have to come from His side/essence,and I believe that is what i desribed which is going to be both past,present<<get it?,and future.:jiggy:

    His and Hers:162: