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Manual of Unitarian Beliefs


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I like the social and acceptance nature of the church. I wouldn't say it is a church in the traditional sense. The christian influence I guess varies by church rather than the religion as a whole. Interesting faith.

Thanks for the info. My daughter went once, looking for something more universalist, but only went once, as it was 'way too christian for me'. But it's live and learn.

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Since satan is described in the Bible as a god, I would not like someone sitting next to me giving worship to God's adversary in the same service. There is no such being as "the god of our understanding"....he is a figment of the individual's imagination. What is the point of worshipping a fictitious god? Where is that supposed to lead people except to the logical place that Jesus described? (Matthew 7:13-14) The polar opposite to where genuine disciples of Jesus are headed.

It isn't a christian church, though. You wouldn't expect to find someone who agrees with you in full because of the diverse nature and history of the religion. It isn't based on the JW and Catholic view of the bible if not the bible at all.

As for fictitious and satan, too me that is far fetched both as a belief and as an opinion.

They don't believe in jesus the way JW and Catholics do.

Its a con of the worst order IMO. Just enough to sound spiritual and attend a "church" service, but not worshipping anything real, not living by any set rules. Its nothing but a spiritual passifier as far as I can see.....it makes you feel good but it has no milk.....no spiritual nourishment at all. What will you all do when Jesus comes to ask whether you have done the will of the Father....or just your own? (Matthew 7:21-23) :shrug:

You have to drop the bias. JW worship real gods. Baptist. Catholic. and so forth worship real gods.

I can see if you experience diversity in worship and just left. I personally try not to do that because it makes other people enemies not friends. No humility in feeding bias.

How do you know it does not offer spiritual nourishment to its believers?

I'm not part of the religion; but, I'm not JW nor a practice catholic, but all three faiths are legitimate in themselves.

All three of you have the god of your understanding.

You think this is what Jesus came to promote? You cannot mix true worship and false. (2 Corinthians 6:14-18) Like adding cyanide to a glass of clean drinking water. If I said it had 2 drops of that poison in it, would you drink it? How about 10 drops?....20 drops? How much poison is tolerable or acceptable to you? I wouldn't drink it if it had one drop of poison. I'd be looking for another water source.

You have to go to a couple of churches so you know the stark differences it has with JW theology. You're trying to compare apples and steak. Their not even oranges in contrast.

Deeje. It's hard to see your point and opinion through the negativity. I understood the bible because it didn't read as bias. Harsh, maybe, depending on the person. However, you can see it as harsh and belittle others or humility and learn from others. Either way, it's hard to work around your sentiment.

I know "jesus was harsh so I can be too" but it doesn't mix up your point and makes it hard to discuss.

This is why everyone has a choice. Hearts are "treacherous" things though. (Jeremiah 17:9) They can be a friend or an enemy if they are not educated to respect the Creator and worship him in the correct way....his way, not ours.

Yes. Everyone has a choice. Which is a blessing in itself.

How does seeing other people and christian denominations as treacherous help you personally in your spiritual faith?​

It pretends to be something it isn't. Very sneaky.

No. It's just different. It's not christian. It's not JW. Should it agree with JW??

What rituals do you think we perform? The one thing I love about our meetings is the lack of ritual. They are interactive and involve teaching from God's word and a sharing of knowledge with one another.

Evangelism door to door is a ritual
Conventions and going to worship on saturdays routinely is a ritual
Reading from the JW magazine during service every service is a ritual

Anything you do in worship on a routine basis is called a ritual.

Our preaching is a command from Jesus....someone to ignore in UU churches apparently.

Basically. I just don't see it negatively. Just. Different.

It has nothing much to do with rituals and customs because we don't have any to make that kind of comparison. It has more to do with the fact that the main person who is supposed to be worshipped is MIA. What is a church without a god....you may as well be Scientologists.

I don't see it that way. My catholic friend once told me when I learned about the catholic faith and what I disagree with, she says "it takes time."

While I respect your opinion, not everyone is damned who don't follow JW.

Americans I find, are very different to people of other western nations in so many ways. You are taught to be so focused on America, that it seems as if the rest of the world is just something that exists in your shadow. Americans never seem to realize how disadvantaged they are because no one seems to want you to make comparisons. Sorry, but I wouldn't live in America if you paid me. Capitalism is God there. Don't get sick in America.....don't lose your job or need medication. Its scary.

Now THAT I agree with. However, since Americans are diverse, I would change that to an individual point of view. For example, I don't see america as the "best" type of thing. I don't see us as disadvantage because there are SOOO many different cultures that the closest you'll find in religious agreement is protestant christianity. And, even that is a bit sketchy.

There are huge misconceptions of the states. Here is a small list of American culture
Lesson in American Culture and American Values

I think you're talking more about some of the politics.

There is a wide gulf between respecting someone's right to their unique spiritual path, and sending them to their death.

I wish that were the case with JW. It's not in your language and you say jesus sees it the same so that gives you permission to think otherwise. I say that because if not, everyone would go to heaven (new earth or so have you). Also, remember. JW said that people who aren't in christ stay dead. They aren't resurrected. They die.

I would illustrate it something like this......If I am a good Christian and I am sitting on my front porch reading my Bible after a very severe storm the night before. A flash flood has washed a good deal of the road around the corner into a deep ravine. As a good Christian, do I continue sitting on my porch reading my Bible and respecting everyone's unique right to head around that corner to certain death because I respect their right to travel that road in their own way? Or do I go down onto the road and wave my arms like a mad thing trying to warn them of the danger? I can't make them listen, but if I did my best to warn them, and they ignored me, their deaths are on their own hands...not mine. (Ezekiel 3:17-21) If I deliberately lead people to their death by teaching them lies, then I am a murderer.

Because they are not in danger. That's a huge difference. It doesn't mean you don't want to be respectful. Just you're line of respect isn't empathy nor active listening and learning.

So, it's like two children talking at the edge of the woods. You notice them after realizing that there are bears in the woods (not exaggerating). You go down and tell them it is not safe there cause of the animals. They say, "but, this is our property."

It was a nice intent but when you know the truth, that's where openness and respect comes into play. If you keep thinking they are at harm on their own property, it's no longer "I care." In some states, you can get shot for trespassing.

Christ's humanity was not without purpose. His flesh was to to be sacrificed for the ones who accepted him. He was not sent to people so that they could feel at home with just a human.....He was sent to correct the lost ones and lead them to life. It meant changing lives and habits and ingrained attitudes.

Think you over looked my point. Though, I knew you would mention this.

Yes. But to go on other people's property is different than putting a sign on your own property telling everyone all need christ then say "well it's my property jesus would do the same thing."

Sort of like Jesus coming to America and telling people to put down their weapons. How many of them would? The gun culture is so ingrained that the rest of the civilized world just shakes their head at such a mentality.

HA! I thought that was exaggeration when I read that misconception of american culture. I guess not. No. We are not a gun culture. Have you visited the States before??

Not for anyone who is serious about worship IMO. It looks like a way to have your cake and eat it too. Sorry. :(

It isn't christian. More specifically, not JW.

How can they have their cake and eat it too when the cake they are eating is not JW nor is the flavor the type of god you guys believe in?

Which cake do they have and eat that has anything to do with JW and the god of your understanding?
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Thanks for the info. My daughter went once, looking for something more universalist, but only went once, as it was 'way too christian for me'. But it's live and learn.

Ha. Yeah. I can see why she'd say that. One thing is, it doesn't have "a single god in which you have to conform to believe in to be part of that religion." They do try hard to take the christian view of god out of service, though. I guess the best to describe it positively is like a social organization and charity that helps people through supporting social justice etc. It sounds like a couple of religions on RF with an acute difference in whether one needs any type of god to benefit from the foundations of it's theology. Unless you're a murderer or evangelist christian throwing a tantrum of satan and hell fire, it's really personal preference more than anything else.


Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Yeah. It does have a less Christian leaning. The one I attend more often is influenced by Christian bias. It's sutle but there.

The video, I like how he presents the UU theology. He does use the bible but in a different view rather than negative.

I'm used to Catholic type devotion and do like the church so I kinds get ya. I agree. Their approach is good.
I actually left the Roman Church and have since professed the Unitarianism of the American Unitarian Association, even though they no longer exist (as a distinct body)...

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@Deeje I'm kinda an academic; so, I thought I'd give you this if you want to skim. I don't know if you're the education-type since I don't see you speak of anything outside of religion. The UU is founded on transcendentalism which explains that god is within through the connection and individualism of the person within nature. It's also a form of idealism and was around in the 19th century. I know you said anything outside the bible is a waste of your time. Probably others are interested too. Biography of Emerson @BenFranklinFan This may be of interest. Oh. Ben. and some of his essays on it Ralph Waldo Emerson-- Works.


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Thanks for the info. My daughter went once, looking for something more universalist, but only went once, as it was 'way too christian for me'. But it's live and learn.

Actually, UU has a good thick history. It's highly political and has a throughout rejection of christian theology in its doctrine. Outside of of that, it's interesting. If you're interested, I posted more on #25.

It's not scripture nor proselytizing info so you don't have to worry about that.