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Loving shout by an idiot.


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An idiot wrote this:

The Mahdi to me, is the greatest creation of God like Mohammad and Ali and Fatima and all of the last Ahlulbayt to be appointed for humanity. That said, he is but a human mortal who is meant to be helped. He can't do everything himself. He doesn't know the results. He inherited the knowledge of the past Prophets and Imams, and sees and is aware of the dark visions and prophecies that were never set in stone. He knows we are a course that Hussain tried to prevent. Yes the Prophet saw the event of Karbala, but only as a possible future. Perhaps a very high chance future, but it was never written as that it was going to happen for sure. No rather like ahadith in alkafi show, it was written a point that Hussain will be victorious. That is how close justice could've came to the world and Islam been saved, but we all know what occurred. It was written Imam Jaffar be victorious but people hastenly followed the Abbasids and the hijacked the revolution. No one knows the results. Future is not written, it has probabilities and likely outcomes, and at a point the Quran shows it was very likely Mohammad's people be destroyed but then for sake of Mohammad and believers with him, for the sake of the Guide of that time and the believers with him, may God bless Mohammad and his family, the catastrophe avoided. It was also said God didn't reveal the identities of these believers and they were unknown.... they would have been trampled on if they knew them is the reason God didn't want them to be known. Anyways, because of these believers, their people were saved. Imam Reda came close to victory and it was in the hands of a person who was a Shiite and made preparation to give power to him, but the person clang to the earth and couldn't give up the throne. During Prophet a time, a huge fitna was about to occur, but luckily Hafsa and Aisha repented and chose God and his Messenger over their fathers and the rest of the hypocrites. They wanted to kill him and then deny the miracle of a supernatural scent to cast doubt in the eyes of all people about all miracles and that believers were doing a conspiracy of lying. But at the end when people divided over the pen when Prophet called to write an everlasting guidance, misguidance was looming. It was still that most believers were lovers of Ali, but, the trial that took place, it was all in a moment. People were tired of all the wars and didn't want another one. So most people were apathetic to helping Ali. Then most people repented and sought to help Ali when the Fitna of Uthman reached a peak and came to him. And then Mauwiya called the ones who didn't understand Quran and sought to create fitna. What I'm trying to say, is the future is not written. We got to understand - the warnings are coming about one by one. We moved against the orders and the warnings are coming about. There is time. There is still hope. It's not over till it's over. But we all got to move about. Put our hands to helping one another. Reinforce the power of one another. Be solified in unity despite our differences. We aren't going to agree on the nitty gritty details for now, but, we know the Mahdi needs helpers. For God's sake he is a human. Ali was but a Human. True, if God gave him permission he could've single all by himself took every single person on that opposed him like what bani-Israel knew about Moses and said 'we sit here and you go kill', but that's not what they do. They want helpers because that way, believers and humans in general have a role in determination of the fate of humans. We are in a crash course. Crash course, and the Mahdi wants to be a blessing to most, but it's not going that way now. We can change all that. Khomeini changed the tables. Khamanei is holding the fort. Nasrallah and the insights he gives. All this is bringing about victory nearer and nearer although it's not perfect - we have to unite. We have to help one another. I don't agree with WF or Taqlid, but, we got make due with reality. Reality is we aren't all going to read hadiths and Quran and become super elite Shiites, with me screaming let's do this or something haha. But I swear, the Mahdi needs helpers. He needs helpers and we ought to help one another and see that not everyone is in position to say the truth and everyone has to play a role even if it's just preparing a single weapon for the Mahdi. We want the perfect religion true. Khamanei and scholars in general don't know how nor can they provide that. Please understand this. But we have something. We got something going here. Help one another out, solidify, love one another, move about against oppressors, love the Imams, and let Fatima alzahra love unite us, till we bring what Mohammad and his family hope and what their enemies fear!

I am that idiot. Keep me in your prayers fellow Shiites.