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Love and Rebellion


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Also, I know that Bible believers explain this by saying that it was because of freedom of choice along with pride and selfish desire with Satan, and that with Adam and Eve, Adam loved Eve more than he loved God, but Eve was tricked and became the victim of her own selfish longings. However, in this thread, I would like to view things from two Bible verses: Bible Gateway passage: 1 Corinthians 13:8 - New International Version and Bible Gateway passage: Romans 8:38-39 - New International Version.
gotquestions isn't the place to get answers, but to be fair few places are. The only contribution I'd like to make is to point out that the only angels we read about falling in scripture are Jews. There are many stories about this. There are those who die in the wilderness, those who follow Korah's rebellion and are swallowed by the ground, those lost in the babylonian exile, those killed by Moses or Phineas or who die by plagues, those who are lost in other ways. Of the twelve tribes many are lost. Always they are lost because they fall. It is called falling. They are no longer 'Upright'. There is no need to imagine any other fallen angels, so a lot of the stuff you are reading is imaginative bull I think.

Therefore, it doesn't make sense to me how love failed with some of God's perfect creatures and they decided to rebel against him, even though, the Bible states the principle that love never fails. Therefore, it shouldn't have failed with them either.

Your thoughts?
Its a reasonable question. The song of Moses is about this. They aren't perfected creatures but are theoretically becoming more perfect. The cycle of failure in that song involves research into the law discovering the best way, and their failures supposedly trigger cataclysms followed by a repentance and improvement. The idea here is purification over time and generations.

Romans 8 talking about height and depth is not referring to lava versus outer space, and angels and demons may not refer to what gotquestions insists that they do. In general you have to shop around and cannot rely upon web sites that offer free answers. That is the sweet language of the con artist which says "I have what you need, and you can take advantage of me."