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Love and Common Sense vs. Rule and Religious Tradition


Guardian of Life
Where in the Bible does it say that though?
Not relevant. My point has nothing to do with what is taught in the Bible.

because people have common sense, and it should be used. No i wouldn't act on the fact that i feel like i'm so angry with someone I just want to kill them, but just because the speed limit is 45, doesn't mean that i'm not going to go 50 or 55. Just because the some people believe the rule with religion is repent or parish, doesn't mean that i believe if i dont go get saved, i'm going to hell. :no: I'm not saying that every law/rule should be broken, but i'm also not saying that every law/rule should be followed and it should be up to the individual to follow their common sense based on their emotion.

Then tell me: I get angry and want to kill John. What common sense/emotion will stop me from making that decision? You think a rule should be followed based on emotion, in essence. If my emotion wants me to kill, then why shouldn't I?


of course, there are so much. in reality, my whole life is impacted positively by being a Muslim. Islam been so much mis-represented by the media,

this why I started my own new blog (in my signature)
and you can read a very personal story under: divorce in islam

(i cannot provide the links now, because i am still very new to this forum)