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Louisiana - First State to Require the Display of Ten Commandments?


Christian Evolutionist
No, they can learn about them all they want. Just not in a public govt funded school. There are churches for that sort of thing if they are interested.
There are. I have noticed a change in the motivating factors, namely that they are treating them as historical documents upon which this nation was founded. A couple things came to mind, but the 1st amendment specifically. Freedom of the press, religion, assembly and separation... I am assuming this is an effort to separate states from the greater majorities, enabling each state to create laws specific to and according to their own majorities. The 1st amendment is in fact being honored, which is one reason I find the decision to be so intriguing.


aged ecumenical anthropologist
It was struck down before by a previous SCOTUS but the right-wingers on this court likely will ignore that.