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Lord Ganesh ji


Jaya Jagannatha!
I am chanting 'Vinayagar Agawal' by Saint Avvayaar these days.

The poem describes Lord Ganesh ji as the one who recides in the state of 'Turiya'.

When I googled 'Turiya', I got the following definition:

Turiya is a Sanskrit word that means "the fourth" and is used in Hindu philosophy to describe the fourth state of consciousness. It is also known as chaturiya or chaturtha. Turiya is considered to be the true self (atman) that exists beyond the three common states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and dreamless deep sleep. It is sometimes described as "pure consciousness" and is said to be beyond thought, love, and will, and beyond the awareness of variety, duality, and unity.

Long ago, when I was posting in another forum, a senior member/moderator who is very knowledgeable described 'Turiya' to me as that state of stillness that prevails between the 2 breaths - that is, between the inhale and the exhale, the still moment of pure bliss is what is called 'Turiya'. (At least, this is my understanding of what he said to me).

Now, breath has 2 kinds: Inhale and exhale. They activate different nadis, which are part of our metaphysical structure. Breath is said to go through the "Ida" and "Pingala" nadis.

A yogi or practitioner of breath control, slowly and gradually watches the 2 types of breath so that he can control them, which means, he strives to prolong his 'Turiya' state and once he has achieved it, it is said that, he can now make the Kundalini rise above the Sushumna nadi or the central nadi for the Kundalini yoga.

Now, Ganesh ji is said to reside in the Muladhara (the abode of dormant Kundalini) and is the chief deity to control its activation.

Ganesh ji is also said to dwell in Turiya state, as mentioned above in that Vinayagar Agawal describes so.

Now, Ganesh ji has 2 wives, Siddhi and Buddhi as per some versions, and is also said to be a 'Brahmachari' or unmarried eternal bachelor.

How beautifully we see the connectivity? He is unmarried, yes, as he dwells in stillness or 'Turiya', but also has 2 wives, in that, through the 'Ida' and 'Pingala' nadis, the breath is controlled to manifest the Turiya state, and Ganesh ji orchestrates this. As the master of the Muladhara, he also oversees Kundalini's emergence or ascension via the Sushumna, and Turiya is the primary means to focus in order to achieve this.

How beautifully a fully scientific, albeit metaphysical version of it, is explained by a poem by Sri Avvayaar? I am baffled by her knowledge!

Hail Ganesh ji!

Ganapathi Bappa Moraya
Mangal Moorthi Moraya!