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logical pantheism

Discussion in 'Theological Concepts' started by weecough, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. weecough

    weecough New Member

    Jan 18, 2020
    There has to be two more laws of physics, both negative. A, 0 is impossible. B, 1 is impossible. These negative laws combine and give a positive: (-) (-) = (+). This creation of (+), creates the positive laws of physics, which state: every action has an opposite and equal reaction. That gives us (-) (-) = (+) & (-), though the (+) & (-) are actually (1) & (0).
    Zero can't exist, but follows the law and tries to, producing the first sub-atomic particles in the process. At one end of the equation is infinity, eternity, as there is nothing to measure, but at the other side, with sub-atomic particles, we have what is known as The Big Bang: actually an eternal rumble producing mass and velocity, giving us something to measure. (-) (-) = (+) & (-) <=> S/D = Time

    The universe is a perpetual motion engine producing time. It may or may not be conscious, or self aware.
    But given that the Big Rumble is eternal, it is logical to assume that evolution is a constant, so there is always something considering the question, which may well be enough.