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Liz Truss: Markets want balanced budget

Discussion in 'Liberal Only' started by JIMMY12345, Oct 3, 2022.

  1. JIMMY12345

    JIMMY12345 Active Member

    Jan 30, 2022
    Miss Truss is the darling of the Labour party. She is Conservative. She will row back on tax cuts. However cutting back on spending is not an easy option.

    During COVID Teachers kept their jobs. However they were enablers rather than deliverers'. Recorded lessons from the best Teachers ensured pupils got the benefit of excellence rather than mediocre. Better use of Technology would keep the Education budget down and deliver the same results.

    The Health service is bust in that you cannot get a GP appointment. Giving tax cuts to the private health sector would help free up waiting lists. This for minor ailments like coughs and colds where the afflicted would be happy to pay for a quick appointment

    Ms Truss is not going to row back on defense spending. If it is to go up she could encourage UK firms.

    If you were advising Ms Truss. What budget measures would you put forward to ensure her continued survival as PM?