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Liberals: Can Obama pull off a campaign with no smear tactics?

Discussion in 'Liberal Only' started by Willamena, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Willamena

    Willamena Just be there, doing that

    Liberals: Can Obama pull off a campaign with no smear tactics?

    Looking down from above the 49th, it seems neither side has been immune to them in prior campaigns.
  2. doppelganger

    doppelganger Through the Looking Glass

    I don't think so. American voters overwhelmingly respond very effectively to negative campaigning, even as they condemn it. The way to do it, therefore, is to engage in it in ways that can never be traced to the candidate his or her self. Hence, the "527" was created (like that Swiftboat Veterans group), acting on behalf of the candidate and undoubtedly with his/her campaign's unofficial involvement and support, but always with a level of plausible denial.
  3. Crosis

    Crosis New Member

    Every year everybody runs smear adds and nobody seems to say if they both smear eachother than how are you to know who to vote for if they all corrupt,lie,steal. are their any hounest polititions out there i think not. we need a new system.
  4. Skwim

    Skwim Well-Known Member

    No, the Republicans will always be there to smear him.
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