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Let Them Follow Their Own Compass

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Geoff-Allen, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Geoff-Allen

    Geoff-Allen Resident megalomaniac

    Sep 9, 2014
    Let Them Follow Their Own Compass - Poem by Trina Graves

    A baby contains an inherent, infinite Light
    That shines so brightly from it's Soul
    Vividly luminous with Source Energy
    We're captivated, adoring beyond control

    Time advances, the baby becomes a child
    The Divine illumination begins to dim
    Their link to Source has been shadowed
    By the negativity they have taken in

    As the child goes out into the big-wide world
    School and society's control gets a strong-hold
    ‘Bright Sparks' may seem to be encouraged
    But they too, must fit into the defined mould

    Adolescence then adulthood urges onwards
    By now most Inner Lights have been blocked
    Conforming to everyone, but not their own desires
    Keeps the door to their Soul firmly locked

    But remember, there is nothing wrong about this
    We planned our whole journey right from the start
    By learning to follow our own Inner Guidance in life
    We would retrieve the Light through our heart

    One of life's immense joys is parenthood
    Overwhelming gifts this path can bring
    Unconditional love its purest treasure
    Lifting the Spirit, the Soul will truly sing

    Whatever path we choose to take
    No one else will be on the same
    It's so important to remember this
    When focusing on your child's aim

    The Light inside them is also a compass
    It can guide them their whole life through
    Teaching them to choose right from wrong
    Inner Guidance is always clear in what to do

    Their Light Compass will always be there
    If ever they have any troubles or doubt
    What to do about it, which path to take
    Their Inspiring Light will always shine out

    Learning to use and trust their intuition
    Connecting to their own Source Energy Light
    Is the greatest blessing you can ever give them
    And by example is the only way to teach it right

    Trina Graves

    Come from here -

    Let Them Follow Their Own Compass Poem by Trina Graves - Poem Hunter

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