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Las Vegas (the Meadows) canon Lawyer notes, secrets....


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It's My Birthday!

If you think the dead Kennedys have a female Vatican, that wears the red cardinal finery and vestments of the Boston Red socks, from the holy state of Massachusetts, where the dead Kennedy fled to in order to escape the potato famine....to become closest thing in America to Royal family, dynasty, Dictators (taters, potatoe famine lol :p )....this has the potential for sounding sane and coherent....unlikely, but at least not entirely worthless read......;)

, it is not an insult to call the descendants of Dan, tribe of Hebrew reptilians, since they match the conspiracy theories comments about Reptilians controlling politics, and the gifts they have regarding physical strength and ability to control large regions of people....Even Rabbis and the Talmud talk about the tribe of Dan like that, but it isn't a statement about all of Israel, but descendants of the person who is primarily identified as a serpent , a lizard, a dragon, or something with venom and a stinger, who does the most damage to everyone by leading people into sin.....

..... second largest tribe of Israel, which might have taken first place later....when they came out of Egypt, they and Judah were first and second place, both represented by a Lion. Dan began as the reptile tribe (lizard, dragon, snake, scorpion, spider) graduated to wolf, lion, then Lion with wings...Phoenix ( suicide bird that repeatedly resurrects after committing suicide)....not on accident or by chance, because they are the tribe with the most Divinely inspired miraculous suicide ever recorded.....

no one ever came within 1% of a suicide requiring that level of Divine assistance , physical strength that is beyond comprehension, and miracles with no scientific explanation to make the suicide possible.

Name someone else whose suicide was made possible by a miracle more impressive , effectively changing drastically, the lives of such a large quantity of homo sapiens, in a very short amount of time, more than anything Jesus Christ did prior to his death, or anyone since, with one single miracle, impacting that many thousands of people, to change their lives permanently, the change taking place in less time than it takes you to brush your teeth, not reversible....for that many people.....I don't see anything Jesus did prior to his crucifixion matching that miracle....

... Other such people are not figures that billions of people believe actually existed.

The tribe of Dan is to remain hidden, the serpent that you don't see about to strike the heals of the horse, send much larger prey backwards, and not let you know he's about to show up, until the world is upside down, in shock, all plans completely screwed.....so......he has to make you think the tribe is completely gone or a fairy tale.....

He would want everyone to believbe that "Samson of course is just Hercules, worshiped as a pagan sun divinity, descendant of the serpent lizard tribe (claiming to be Jewish reptilians .....to stir up the conspiracies about politicians being controlled by Jews as well as the spirit of Jewish reptiles controlling those who are not Jewish by DNA.....A lot of Rabbi's consider Dan to not be Jewish, and call him a personification of the Devil, he isn't mentioned with the twelve tribes later on, they claim in the Talmud that his Idolatry with Ephraim created Greece and Roman Empire, and Rabbi literature has gone so far as to say not one of his descendants was practicing the faith.....they talk about the tribe like they need the devil , sin, and idols, as if it is something needed , or it's trying to survive without oxygen and food lol....

.....after getting out of Egypt, they and Judah had the most people, were the best warriors, rear guard of Israel, placed on contested land with the dreaded Philistine Giants.....because their eagerness to breed with Philistines and women with thick legs and ten feet tall (was the error of Samson who was friggin huge, wanted only big women, because his brute strength is going to snap a woman's neck on accident if he gets excited.....a man who kills 1,000 giant Philistines, and picks up the gate, pushes over the pillars, can defeat an army with a jawbone of an *** (Israeli defense force back then would not even consider a bone of a ******* to qualify as a lethal weapon....using bones as weapons was way outdated and these Philistines had the most advanced weapons, armor, shields, and training.)....

But, a woman was able to take out the strongest man in history (of all men that hundreds of millions of people believe was a historical incarnate homo sapien, historical figure and successful Kamikaze that was inspired by the God of Abraham. No one else came close......anyone who ever does, definitely got Danny Draconem in them....,


Samson means "of the Sun", Cyrus, a true Messiah who fulfilled prophecies that the messiah was supposed to fulfill , that Jesus never came close to fulfilling,.,...he was also a far greater peace maker and more humble than Jesus Christ, by far, which is so obvious, it is not even really up for discussion.

contains the words "son" and "Sam", because the son of Sam was Jewish on both sides, he has the name of King David, who was the second son of Sam, guilty of far worse crimes than David Berkowitz.....
.... the Prophet Samuel was born of Hannah, an Immaculately conceived Pentecost moment caused an incarnation of the prophet in her womb that caused her to leave the temple giggling like she was drunk, on drugs, possessed by Devils, in need of an exorcist, all of the above, and the sons of Hannah and Eli were called "worthless men, children of Belial, personification of the Devil. Belial was also the nickname many rabbis gave to Dan, the Talmud saying that all darkness and demonic activity in Israel, comes from the northern areas of the Kingdom occupied by the tribe of Dan.

Rabbi's (not sure if in the Talmud, but definately have read it from Rabbinical literature) have actually stated with a type of certainty (that I don't understand how one knows,) they will say "all descendants of Dan, are without a single exception , Idolaters, who dabble in , are born addicted to the forces of darkness, the occult,".... just part of their nature.... cursed creatures, repeatedly leading the other 11 tribes into sin. (But then again.....is it their fault? Perhaps God wanted it that way, and, what I attribute to Dan, sounds like way more compassion and desire for fun, pleasure, peace, and all dreams come true, which I don't see coming from God..... makes complete sense when you have a conversation with him.)

"The tribe of Dan as a whole was guilty of gross idolatry—even to the point of stealing the idols they used to practice their religion (Judges 18:14-31). Theirs was the first organized idolatry in ancient Israel, and the longest in duration.
t continued "until the day of the captivity of the land," nearly 500 years later (Judges 18:30). Jewish tradition says that Dan was the first tribe to follow Jeroboam into his sin of idolatry, and in their literature, the term "Dan" is often used to represent idolatry.
From this summarized history of the tribe, it becomes obvious why Dan would not be among the 144,000 "servants of our God," as they are called in Revelation 7:3. Dan thoroughly rejected God's true religion for thousands of years, substituting a continuous tradition of idolatry. The end-time descendants of Dan say, "I have waited for your salvation, O LORD" (Genesis 49:1, 18). The vast majority of Danites must wait for salvation until after the sealing of the 144,000.
It is reassuring to know that Dan and all the other tribes of ancient Israel will be saved. In fact, Dan is mentioned first in the apportioning of land in the soon-coming Millennium (Ezekiel 48:1). The apostle Paul assures us, "All Israel will be saved" (Romans 11:26). The 144,000 are only a very small portion of the people of all nations who will eventually be saved."Why Is the Tribe of Dan Not Mentioned in Revelation 7:4-8?.

So, God loves Dan, sounds like he will eventually get redeemed after he shows up as the Antichrist, lol, whatevs.....who is Jesus christ in disguise most likely....

God is the Alpha and the Omega, two totally opposite definitions and qualities associated with the same being, where you get to totally contradict and be the opposite person of who you genuinely are at any time....because.....that is God's priveledge.....

,..... he has no association with darkness and evil, but scripture says he creates it......scripture says he repents of evil and changes his mind , but is unchanging. He is pro life but kills more babies than all abortion doctors combined. So, the possiblities, are limitless. Letting scripture dominate and close one's mind can cause hopelessness, lack of spiritual growth, lack of faith that they can defeat and overpower God.

Jacob got blessed and the name Israel precisely because he fought with God and won. Moses did the same.
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It's My Birthday!
....but he loves cursed and sick people, and he doesn't actually have total control, much of the future unknown to him. His predictions are often accurate (like prediction of the weather, but there are plenty of exceptions....

.... the typhoons that struck both Mongolian fleets, did not take place during typhoon season, were totally and completely erratic, insane, unusual behavior without the signs to predict, without the proper seasons to expect it, and usually a typhoon doesn't cause a disaster so extreme.
....I kid you not.... far more men than Genghis Kahn used to conquer 40% of the world (greatest conqueror in history), is wiped out by wind basically.....there were many thousands of shocked, disoriented, easy to annihilate warriors slain when Samurai greet them at the shore, but they were casualties of the wind when you think about it.

Japan is the land that prays incessantly to the animals of the water, being the most powerful Island archipeligo in the world, and the second greatest economy on earth when Hirohito died,

....they invoke Ryujin, depend on dragons and sea creatures which other Asian nations frown upon or consider demonic. Even the antichrist, the beast, comes forth from the sea in the book of revelation....the whore of Babylon sits on many waters......

Ryūjin (龍神, lit. "Dragon God"), which in some traditions is equivalent to Ōwatatsumi, was the tutelary deity of the sea in Japanese mythology. In many versions Ryūjin had the ability to transform into a human shape. Many believed the god had knowledge on medicine and many considered him as the bringer of rain and thunder, Ryūjin is also the patron god (ujigami) of several family groups.[1]

This Japanese dragon, symbolizing the power of the ocean, had a large mouth. He is considered a good god and patron of Japan, since the Japanese population has for millennia lived off the bounty of the sea. Ryūjin is also credited with the challenge of a hurricane which sank the Mongolian flotilla sent by Kublai Khan.[citation needed] Ryūjin lived in Ryūgū-jō, his palace under the sea built out of red and white coral, from where he controlled the tides with magical tide jewels. Sea turtles, fish, jellyfish, snakes, other sea creatures are often seen as Ryūjin's servants.[3][4]
(Ryujin's big mouth, the size of it is often mentioned (something I only see with Leviathan, whose mouth is actually called "the gates of hell" , his body 300 miles long, and according to Enoch, it's a she, (the beginning of "Levi, levitical priesthood, holy communion, human or deity incarnating as the sacrifice to feed a hungry and enormous dragon.....etc. Levi has a meaning to join together, bind into one as in matrimony. That is the meaning of the name "rebecca" mother of Jacob, Israel.)I ate next to a guy who had “blessed” written on his forehead…I said “crazy”Cardinal Joseph Bennedict Ratzinger, it means Benito, blessed, and I was just sharing how he is the leader who got shot in the head, attempted murder, saved the woman’s life when people tried to kill her on the spot, resisted temptations from friends requesting the death penalty, and found a country where she could be safe to accept her, not even was she charged with something as serious as jaywalking.

And yet, when ever people are presented with documents declaring that Benito’s final will was to forgive those who kill him, take accountability and accept his fate, praying it atone for his sins, how much the Doctrine of Fascism is about sacrifice, love for others, opposite religions and political leanings both benefitting enough from the state that they prefer it over what Communism or Democracy has to offer, and a leader who must atone for the sins of the Italian people, etc, declining Franco's offer for a safe plane trip to Spain where he could be a hero.

He said "only after you fly everyone of us who wants to go there. I must Finnish my destiny here....it is destiny, preordained". Crazy thing is, he died the perfect day of the year, hung upside down the next day, Hirohito's birthday, who is high priest of Obon Festival. Obon means "to hang upside down", symbolic of what crucifixion means in christianity.

Hirohito was the most eccentric butterfly collector I know of, of any politician. Caterpillar hangs upside down to become something that does not look like even slight resemblance of the different creature it used to be. It gets ugly first . It became my hope for monsters.. I'm not saying what a great person he is, or promoting him. I'm saying there is evidence of divine destiny and people not aware of some historically verifiable facts of him being more nice to his enemies than way over 99% of Christians would be to someone who shoots them in the head.

He saved her life while people were trying to kill her. Hmmm....wow...I'm simply saying, it's interesting, not saying you should like the guy or my religion....

.........makes me wonder, was it one of his inspired spirit prophecies as well.....when he promised that if they kill him, he will return…..

People insist, all talk about his final will being words of love and pardon to his enemies, a load of false propaganda.....Yet, he precisely did not even charge with a misdemeanor the woman who shot him point blank in the head, tried to shoot him a second time to hopefully blow his brains out, very candid about her intentions to murder him, and she didn't get charged with a misdemeanor. How many politicians or even Pope's or Hindu, Buddhist, whatever spiritual leaders, (peace figures), aren't going to give a misdemeanor charge for attempting to murder them with a bullet to the head?

And you cannot believe Adolf Hitler's ally would want to forgive, pardon, love his enemies, as his last will,

He was created by his Jewish mistress, and was the most fervent Zionist with political power that I know of back then. He was the first person to use his military to stand up to the Nazis, first military enemy of Adolf, entered when they were allies with the Soviets, America had not entered, Italy was now facing the option "enter the winning side and be a Caesar. You and your family, your country, get destroyed".....

When in survival mode, one can do what goes against their conscience.....for their children and children's children.....doesn't sound like a true story, but actually cannot be denied. Violet Gibson visits me.....she said, it's so friggin obvious


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It's My Birthday!
....then when the guns pointed “Clara jumped in front of them”, shouting “ NO!” His final words “aim for the heart”. That is very significant, because Class A war criminal Hideki Tojo, shot himself in the heart four times in a row point blank where he had the area marked up crayon.

the bullets would go into his stomach and different places immediately changing direction to miss vital organs. If one of those bullets would have hit his heart or killed him, he would not have been able to stand there dying with a last request to tell them about how he kept the emperor brainwashed thing. The reason the emperor did not get hung as a war criminal, four bullets shot directly at his heart and were marked off the area to shoot for its most likely be legal, four times it failed and all four bullets changed extremely unlikely directions were found in strange places.

The heart was what Mary requested devotion to in 1917, the year benito’s near death experience, getting wounded in World war 2 battle, caused him to encounter the female independent sentient being that is Rebecca (many rods bond together to become one, as in matrimony, the symbol for JFK’s order and all over government buildings here in Saint Paul. It is the symbol linked to the freeing of slaves by depriving people of the rights given by the founding fathers, to own slaves, with the use of military force.


The Abraham Lincoln memorial shows him clutching one in both hands. He was the greatest slave abolitionist of the 20th century, the first European power to occupy the Solomonic dynasty (since the child of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon’s time) until the 20th cenury (over 2,000 years)....

.....The founder of the Vatican, independent state, was temporary ownership of the davidic kingdom, beta Israel (beta meaning female in some languages….all European powers and attempts to colonize this kingdom, were miraculously defeated, in the greatest European defeats trying to colonize Africans (armed with barefeet and spears primarily. Even when Italians had better weapons than we had in the civil war, they still lost the war in the 1890's.

Ethiopia is the only nation to accept the books of Enoch as scripture (which used to be more common), they have the Ark of the covenant, and they were the surviving branch of the Davidic Kingdom for over two thousand years. Ras Tafarians , (it’s a Religion where all female members are called “Queens”, which I didn’t know when I began to call every woman I pray to “Queen of Heaven….Queens confraternity member….certified Inanna, Rebecca, Fatima (Virgin Queen of Heaven), sky girls that make up the eye of Tengri (the sky God he said won all his victories) etc..... .
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Genghis Kahn was the biggest and most successful promoter and institutor of religious freedom, who inspired the founding fathers of Amercica + the constitution views on religion, more than any European or Christian…. Successfully creating a harmony better than anyone…..Cyrus was better at doing it peacefully though…

….the only rule on religion is, " don’t be a bigot ....that is the one thing you can legally be a religious bigot about, is despising those who are bigots, it is illegal to be beating and condemning people with Dogma or obeying voices telling you to sacrifice and burn your children as burnt offerings...holocausts....….. (okay…you get it lol)....


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Queens. Spiderman was from “Queens” which I simply hadn’t considered. I called it “League of Ur”, not knowing Ur was an alternative name for Leviathan, or that it was the city where Abraham, (father of the nations) , was from. I just thought "UN...United Nations....

...UR....United Religions"....

.....Scripture speaks of the poor man Lazarus, who had wounds that dogs would lick. Queen Esther was from the tribe of the ravenous wolf, and a total delight that the Iranians threw their Queen off a boat , let her kill as many Iranians as she wanted, so that she could be Queen and protect the Jews who suddenly were loved, in a country on the verge of a genocide that resembled Nazi Germany, suddenly putting Jews first, and letting a Jewish female replace and control Hitler.

That is essentially how unlikely and ridiculously impossible the shift/change was. It continues to protect synagogues and Persian Jews more than other antisemetic Muslim countries, where Muslims make the sacrifice to do what they don't want to, to honor Queen Esther. There are exceptions to the rule, but there is a general rule and comparisons that prove the point.

it was like Nazi Germany preparing fo
r mass extermination (holocaust), to , “Jewish Queen, the Iranian Queen is suddenly treated with less respect than most illegal immigrants are treated, because mainly how much they wanted Queen Esther to not be opposed, but also it had to do with Queen Esther dancing for them and acting more like a **** (but doing it in a way that is holy).....

....that sounds too ridiculous to be true....too silly, but remember when Herod saw a girl dance, and offered her half his kingdom , because she danced well. He was not even paying to make it to first or second base. The miko shrine maidens having to be virgins when they dance to entertain dragons....serious business people. It can destroy or save half of the world.. ;)

Esther inspired Cyrus, who was the most successful Messiah in history, from her country, to become King of Babylon, the city of his dreams…..

Ishtar, the most powerful superior of all by Far, being the name that Esther is a derivative of, was pulling all the strings behind the scenes (as a living dead girl that God doesn’t talk about , and sounds to stupid to believe it, that I can speak the truth, and nobody will believe it because it is too ridiculous. God actually says in the Bible that he creates evil, repents of evil, changes his mind, feels sorry, but never changes, and he is without sin. That makes it impossible for the Bible to be true.

Yet people are allowing it to hold them back, limit their possibilities, a book that proves itself to contain falsehood and be a mistake. I'm not preaching, but these seem to be the notes I'm to take or print..)

The Bible is awesome. I don’t want to hurt the faith of anyone. :) I just think God needs our help. I love every monster. Mother God says, “that includes Yahweh, who deserves thanks and praise, "

(even when he inspires the stripping down naked of an impure female....but he is pure....hooked on snuff....

....so ,she gets to be tortured to death , but serves a purpose of entertaining a crowd....ya know, like a gladiator fight ...

.....in what would qualify as obvious X rated serial killer snuff pornography, but a sentient being actually humiliated and dying in agony.... that he sends Angels for a larger audience of holy men, google God's judgment of the whore of Babylon (he obviously has an addiction and wants to get others hooked). Snuff contains Nictotene, an addictive chemical…..that sounds like an alternative for Nicholas, Santa Claus, or Nichole, who victimized OJ Simpson.

....the “big tobacco industry” was an actual scandal that included adding chemicals to get people more hooked, make the smoke more carcinogenic, cause more lung problems, studies on the brain to make an addictive chemical far more addictive, and far worse for you, to make more money.

The men were all legally required to sign a contract, where they cannot disclose certain info, or the consequences to them and their family, severe enough to not really consider it.

From what I seem to gather, In the next life, when you sign the contract, you have given up your ability to, because you are entirely a spirit being, and have the ability to do so.

Like God making himself forget your sins, and he cannot reverse it to be able to remember them , even if he tried.

So, Meadow Jade, Las Vegas Ninevah IDF (Israeli Defense force attorney, Jacob’s shield) makes deals with God. I will renounce our ability to access and accuse Yahweh of x, y, and Z, if Yahweh agrees to abolish, enter a new covenant, take this pill, remove his ability to know what goes on east of Eden, (East of Heaven, Land of Nod, brotherhood of Nod.....)
The tribe of Dan has both the symbol for GDI and the brotherhood of Nod....
they are about Peace, ending violence, ( doing what the man who didn't know Yahweh, only the whore of Babylon (Cyrus)....what he did best....blessed are the peacemakers , they shall be called children of God. That would include the whore of Babylon.

allow people to live their lives without him being aware they are doing the abominations that offend him (so that he is more happy….and they are not getting victimized by an angry , jealous tyrant….makin himself look bad to humanity, decreasing the amount of love that rational thinkers will have for a Deity less rational and just than most homosapien children.)


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It's My Birthday!
Talking to myself in public....no attempt at making converts. But if you care to share thoughts or want to debate, you are welcome to. ;)