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Kyklos Apollon?


Hindu Wannabe
Dear forum,

Kyklos Apollon is a virtual circle of people who either worship Apollo (1) simultaneously all over the world at a certain date (which I don't know) or (2) on Sundays when it's t 12 p. m. locally.

Does anybody know more about this?

Thanks, Sirona


Hellenismos, BTW
I've heard of the group in general but I don't know anything about their reputation nor know anyone personally who's belonged to it. They have managed to stay around for a while but that doesn't necessarily imply they're a large group. In my experience, most groups fall by the wayside and of those that manage to hang on it's due in large part to a smallish determined core keeping things together.

If it sounds interesting to you, no reason not to explore further. As I said, I've not heard anything good or bad about them. Personally, I'm not big on "we gather every __day", smacks too much of monotheism. But I also can appreciate that some people may resort to that approach since we're not in a polytheistic society and like-minded practitioners are scattered. YMMV.