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Khalistan movement bigger than you think


Well-Known Member
I have 3 Gurdwaras 'local' to me and they have books and leaflets by Sikh groups. If you look inside these books and leaflets you'll see these people are anti-India; they don't even like Modi despite BJP-Akali Dal being an alliance

Here they are:

Sikh Federation UK

Khalistan - Make known and explain the reasons why Sikhs want to establish an independent sovereign state of Khalistan to the British public, political organisations and the UK Government.

Argue the case for the Sikhs right to self-determination and lobbying politicians, the UK Government, official representatives of foreign governments in the UK, the European Parliament and at the United Nations for the establishment of an independent sovereign Sikh homeland

About Us - Sikh Federation UK

Sikh Youths UK

Sikh Youth UK (@SikhYouthUK_) | Twitter

Dal Khalsa UK

Dal Khalsa UK

Security Check Required

What if these Sikhs fled Punjab in fear during the 80's and have a legitimate reason to want independence?


Well-Known Member
They are cowards who make noise from afar. They are good at creating trouble in the Punjab. Show me one instance in the SGGS where the Guru said we want our own kingdom? Who did Guru Tegh Bahadur give his life for? How many of these so called Sikhs are willing to return to Punjab if an independent land ever comes to pass? Why anti-India? Why not have the guts to ask Pakistan for Nankana Sahib? See how well that goes. Every Ardaas has "Gurdware Gur dham jin ha ton panth no vishodiya gaya hai" why not get those back under Khalsa control?

How does what they are doing square with "Guru Nanak naam chardi kala - tere bhaanay sarbat da bhala" - NOT Sikhan da bhala - NOT Khalis da bhala

They are politicians out to divide people and claim wealth and power for themselves.


Well-Known Member
This is from a UK survey in 2017