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Just another liberal Catholic introducing herself here...


pursuing the Divine Beloved
Premium Member
Welcome to the forums, blessed soul ✌! Enjoy yourself amidst the diverse perspectives!

sun rise

The world is on fire
Premium Member
A bit late, but welcome to RF. To continue the Jewish comments, my parents were non-observant Jews and I'm married to a non-believer whose parents were non-believers but who came from a Christian background.

At this point, I'm one of those 'spiritual but not religious' types who can get along with anyone who loves the light, no matter how they express that love whether through conventional religion, love of nature, love of truth and so forth.


aged ecumenical anthropologist
I was "raised by" some extremely brilliant, committed and compassionate Jesuit priests not to mention various nuns and sister of different orders as well - without going too deeply into it, these people put themselves in harm's way in Central and South America...

Also of possible interest to others, my marriage is an interfaith one and we are both happy. I have a husband who I've been happily together with for 19 years. (OMG! Despite being with him very young that number makes me feel so old!) My husband is Jewish, but was not raised religiously - he always describes himself as Jewish culturally, but spiritually wavers from agnostic to atheist to just indifferent. I feel very lucky to have him.

Anyway, I look forward to making friends of all faiths here, learning a lot and as I said I hope I will be an asset to this community.

As one who is in an interfaith marriage of 49 years, as my wife is an active Catholic and I go to mass with her regularly (a looooong story), let me also welcome you to RF. You might check my signature statement at the bottom of the page for where I'm coming from, but I have been affiliated with a Reform synagogue for 22 years.

Also, two of my grandkids, one Jewish and the other Catholic, will be attending Jesuit universities this fall. As a family, we're sort of a religious smorgasbord, but we never argue it and we attend each others' religious functions.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to your experiences and thoughts.