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Journal: Wand!


Just a recap of the other day's wand-making plus attuning extravaganza.... and begin-

I walked into my bedroom, threw off my shirt and collapsed onto my bed, feeling my amethyst bounce around on my chest. I did a few quick sit-ups and then had a flash of inspiration which I can't quite remember. I picked up a wand I made while in a trance at a halloween event and messed with it, changing the position of the rock and paperclip, and then taking my amethyst pendant off and winding it around and tying it to the wood. Once it was fully bound, a thought passed through my mind about how these things need attuned in order for the practitioner to use them properly, so everything I've collected over the past year came into fruition.

I looked up the timing, it was 45 minutes till sunset and 98% full moon. This got me excited, as those are two extremely magickal moments. The sunset brings forth powerful energies beyond comprehension and the full moon brings wisdom and energy from Thoth.

I knew exactly what I needed. I went to the basement and collected a box of candles I scavenged from a house that was being moved out of, I collected a green fire design lighter I bought at random last year, I set up my incense which was sent to me by my sister, hand-made in California with the real deal incense ingredients.

So I turned over my mouse-pad to make it a black surface, ideal for absorbing the energies I was about to induce. I placed four candles of various colors in the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West, then placed four more in-between those to have a complete circle. Then I lit an incense and let it begin to cleanse the room and area.

Next, I checked my clothing for animal products, changing into 100% cotton pants and soaking everything in incense smoke. For the next 20 or so minutes I did various cleansing and energizing motions, requesting the help of Aset and Inpu, whom I feel closest to.

Then, as the light began to become sunset light just before the sun passes the horizon, I began lighting the candles, starting at the East, then the West, then South, North, etc. etc. until all the candles were lit in a perfect circle around the wand which I had placed in the center of the up-turned mouse-pad. The energies began building and the incense neared the center of it's journey, passing straight up as I did motions and chants, willing the wand to be at one with myself. I did everything imaginable to make sure the wand would be bound to my being, attuned. As I reached the apex after some time, the energies became extremely intense, and I placed both palms over the wand between the fire, feeling the energy webs forming between my hands and the wand. The chanting was completely spontaneous, the motions, the thoughts, completely impossible to describe. I literally cannot remember what happened at this point.

Then... it was done. The energy had built up to a climax from the center of my being and slowly died down. I regained conscious control and after a moment grasped the wand. As I stared at it, felt it's completion, I whispered a word, it's name, which I made sure to record so as to never forget it. And with my conscious control, I realized how exhausted I suddenly was. I collapsed on my chair and almost fell asleep on the spot, but I remembered that I left my laptop on and unplugged, so I managed to fend off the tiredness do that. I put out all the candles with the sweep of a book, and put it all way. Then I grabbed the coke I had subconsciously grabbed earlier that day and drank from it for energy, slowly feeling a little stronger.


And that's the story of my wand experience, told hopefully well. Leave your comments to it if you want, or ask questions.