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John reverted Genesis, thesis on changing viewingpoint from Gods child to wanted child


In the beginning where Four-;
The vision of a servant of the Lord;
The Lord Almighty decided with his Wife, also the creator Almighty, to beget a child, and they hearkened the Name Higher and his Wife to help them in the middle of the Sacred act and support in the same way. As all Four remained in the same thought, time had Stopped, and they called it Eternity, because nothing knew to exist without these thoughts and yet all was motionless. The Lord Almighty begot a child and ended creating the genesis.

The FOUR- EXISTENCE called it Paradise. They questioned Their spirit and the wood around them began to move in queries until one moved among them like the Cross, and the FOUR-EXISTENCE saith, Thus name Ivan!; We told you; you have become the Cross Form of child desired and required so that Our word does not bother Us. The sacred and the Four- shaped by the Holy Four, John-Cross, the Word, not prosecuted, image of the Child of God. John the archetype of the Fourfold Thought!

Because you have not tasted women nor fornication or murder did not tempt you, you lived in a time deception and eternity without movement and became the tree of Life. The world around you is imaginary and stopped when it was created, the image of John-Cross falling apart and watering the idea that the Four gave you rise to life in an artificial Heaven, which will no longer be a picture of your Byblos, the book that was written before Genesis by a couple awaiting the time of your incarnation, the Cross becoming Time.

And so the Cross became John, and the word of that moved the places of his book and books that had described him before.