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Is there Anything Wrong with Cherry-Picking Ideas from Multiple Religions?


Premium Member
No. But what is wrong is changing or modifying those cherry picked beliefs to something different from what it is, to suit your own faith. If that's the case, then why bother?

If you buy a chicken from a vendor, don't try to sell it as a turkey.


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Considering the boxes we call "religions" are all ultimately constructs anyway? I'm hard-pressed to say "yes" in response to that question.


The problem with picking and choosing or syncretism is that doing so relies on the whims, preferences, likes, dislikes of the person or persons rather than what may actually be true.

Twilight Hue

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I suppose cherry-picking would be more accurately portrayed as a religion "tailored to fit"

I suppose any aspect of wrongness to it would have to do with misrepresentation on part of a religion that is doing the "tailoring".


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Is there anything wrong with cherry-picking ideas from multiple religions?
Depends what criteria you're using for what to accept and what to leave.

Accepting some - but not all - of the tenets of a religion based on some appeal to the authority of the religion is bound to end up in some sort of hypocrisy, IMO.

OTOH, if you only accept the tenets that stand on their own merits, I don't see anything wrong with that.


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Is there anything wrong with cherry-picking ideas from multiple religions?

Good question. I see no problem whatsoever in cherry-picking ideas from mutliple religions:

1: It's a good way to see the good in other religions
2: For me spirituality is about "Hurt Never Help Ever"; not about religion, so even more reason to focus on practical ideas
3: Anyone is cherry picking, I might hope. If Christians and Muslims are violence-picking ideas in Bible and Koran the world would be much worse


Veteran Member
Is there anything wrong with cherry-picking ideas from multiple religions?
I honestly don't see the reasoning behind NOT doing this. Why would we accept the ideals of one religious tradition when we could compare and contrast a multitude of them and extricate the best ideas from the lot, while leaving out the ideas that we find silly, objectionable, unworkable, or counter-productive?

Of course, doing this will require some mental effort on our part, and maybe that's really the main objection to it. I don't know. But even so, how is laziness and/or indifference a reasonable objection?

Then again, when have humans ever been reasonable?