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Is there an ideal extent to kindness/charity and unselfishness

Discussion in 'Ethics and Morals' started by Viraja, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Viraja

    Viraja Jaya Jagannatha!

    Jan 28, 2013

    I am writing a story. It is pure fictional work, involving some gods whose names I made up.

    God Aron is marries to goddess Mita. All male gods take 2 wives. In the beginning Aron is faithfully married only to Mita, because he did not come across any second woman to fall in love with.

    Along the way comes Riti, whom Aron loves very much. Riti too loves Aron too much. Aron decides to take Riti for his second wife.

    He asks for Mita's permission. As Riti is a beauty goddess, she is too very beautiful than Mita. Also Riti is a goddess who has accomplished very many things and is capable of blessing great post, wealth and such to a seeker.

    Therefore, Mita asks Aron to request Riti to give her great beauty and similar riches.

    Riti agrees. She gives Mita great beauty, and a powerful post as the ruler of a nation when born on earth next.

    But as such, Riti is even more beautiful than Mita. Rita acknowledges this fact, and says to Aron that to compensate for her added beauty, she has given Mita such a powerful post and she promises she will sacrifice her urge to ever occupy any similar post or designation, even though she has enough merit to occupy one!

    Aron sees Riti's point. But Mita is still not satisified.

    Should Riti give Mita equal beauty? or should she deny it? Is it fair enough what Riti has given to Mita already?
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  2. Nakosis

    Nakosis crystal soldier
    Premium Member

    Nov 16, 2011
    Atheist Libertarian
    How about give her even greater beauty, to the point where it becomes a problem. Other males Gods constantly trying to steal her away. Trying to tempt her away from Aron with more wealth/power to where Aron finds it difficult to trust Mita any longer. Maybe Mita becomes arrogant with her new beauty and becomes impossible to live with.
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  3. syo

    syo Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2016
    pagan, omnist
    Does it matter? From your story, Riti is the true source of beauty. Riti can do whatever she wants.
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  4. Brickjectivity

    Brickjectivity Veteran Member
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Dec 8, 2012
    liber-scripta grim Christian
    It is fictional, and it is about a flawed relationship. A crisis should develop, either parallel to the situation (like in Twighlight) or directly caused by it (like in Twighlight 2). He is a flawed being, and he has already made one mistake though it is not clear what the mistake is. Readers can decide for themselves where he went wrong or where the other two went wrong. He and they should make more mistakes, and either this ends in tragedy or accidental relief. It will either be a comedy, a tragedy or a side story.
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  5. ameyAtmA

    ameyAtmA ज्ञानं सदाशिवात्‌ मोक्षं जनार्दनात्‌
    Premium Member

    Dec 25, 2013
    ज्ञानं इच्‍छेत्‌ सदाशिवात्‌ मोक्षं इच्‍छेत्‌ जनार्दनात्‌
    Hello Viraja

    Nice to see you back, and with your stories.

    First, if Aron (AruN?) and Riti were real god-goddess, the reason for them to come together would be for the good of the Universe, not because they "fell in love" like ordinary mortals! If they did , they are not gods. They are more like humans.

    I am not really interested in that route -- in case they are human, I do not wish to waste my time and energy in speculating mundane human-like leelA.

    So that leaves us with the other option -- they are gods, without false-egos, and together they have a plan for the good of the Universe.
    That makes Aron and Riti being celestial consorts (husband wife) important -- say for instance -- because working together they can destroy an asur (demon) OR give birth to a son who will destroy a demon creating havoc.

    Mita had better be at least half a goddess. If she wants to "win Aron" and is selfishly demanding that Riti give her everything she wants, that is ridiculous, and for that very reason,

    For the sake of Mita's spiritual progress, it would be irresponsible of Riti to grant the 100% beauty or whatever it is.
    First, if Riti is a real devatA, nothing can be subtracted from her. 100% beauty - 100% beauty = 100% beauty remains with Riti as well, just that Mita will become equally beautiful, proud, and it will boost her ego (more likely).

    Therefore, granting such irrational boon to Mita (undeserving - what for?) will simply hinder her spiritual progress, and Riti has nothing to lose either way.

    Many times, the ultimate well-being of others is more important that the degree of one's own charity, selflessness etc.
    Pearls from BhagavAn Shri KRshNa (Uddhav Geeta BhAgvat MahaPurAN Canto 11) : Highest charity is abhay -- bestowing fearlessness in others is the highest charity.
    *What this means is to give spiritual upliftment to others, so that they can realize their own true nature => raising Mita's consciousness to help her lose the vices first, and become fearless and peaceful is more important that granting her ego-wishes.
    *Fearlessness with vices is not good. So relevant vices have to go first.

    ~ Jai Shri KRshNa ~
    #5 ameyAtmA, Sep 23, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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