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Is the universe infinite or finite?

Is the universe infinite or finite?

  • Infinite

  • Finite

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Veteran Member
I believe we become from a necessary existence, and are thus eternal at conception. There may be life that has always existed. Obviously that's not us. My logic is that it takes intelligence to make intelligence or intelligence would never exist. Iow there is no magic appearance of intelligence from non intelligence. So intelligence must be eternal.

The universe is spawned from an eternal reality if it's not eternal itself. I think it's likely that are universe has a beginning and has roots in a deeper reality.

My logic is that non existence is impossible within existence thus existence is infinite in all directions. A finite reality must be spawned by an infinite, eternal reality; can't get something from nothing.


My conception is that there is a necessary being, and that's what we call God. Everything else is contingent.

Thanks for engaging. Appreciate it.