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Is the United States just not mature enough to deal with radical fringe madness?

Debater Slayer

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So you prefer mass murder, violent protests, free porn for minors and no love??


Besides, it is just my viewpoint.

I oppose these things without needing to have a religion imposed on me by the state. Theocracy has also enabled mass murder, armed violence, and abuse of minors at many points in history, so your point doesn't hold water.

Is mischaracterization of others' views and values a sin, though? Because I feel like you know better than what the above insinuation suggests.

Shadow Wolf

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I recall none convincing.
All you guys offer is faint puffs of smoke suggesting the possibility.
This is lame.
Concentrate on what's real....& worse...
The guy fomented insurrection where many were injured & killed !!!!
He stole classified documents...nuclear secrets !!!!
Don't distract from that with fantasies of no import.

Geeze Louise...it's like you're playing into the hands
of his cult, ie, giving them an easy straw man to burn.
I have linked to Mueller's Report at least a few times in the past.
It's not our problem if you don't want to read stuff to see the evidence.


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Isn't it a phenomenon as foretold by the Second Coming, please?:
“Yajuj [Gog] and Majuj [Magog] are two peoples who have been mentioned in earlier scriptures. The reason why they are so called is that they make extensive use of Ajij [fire], and would reign supreme on earth and dominate every height. At the same time, a great change will be ordained from heaven and will usher in days of peace and amity” (Lecure Sialkot, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 20, Page 211) written in 1904


“I have also proved that it is essential for the Promised Messiah to appear at the time of Gog and Magog. Since Ajij, from which the words Gog and Magog are derived, means ‘fire’, God Almighty has disclosed to me that Gog and Magog are a people who are greater experts in the use of fire than any other people. Their very names indicate that their ships, trains and machines will be run by fire. They will fight their battles with fire. They will excel all other people in harnessing fire to their service. This is why they will be called Gog and Magog. These are the people of the West, as they are unique in their expertise in the use of fire. In Jewish scriptures too it was the people of Europe who were described as Gog and Magog. Even the name of Moscow, which is the ancient capital of Russia, is mentioned. Thus it was preordained that the Promised Messiah would appear in the time of Gog and Magog.”(Ayyam-us-Sulh, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 14, Pages 424-425) written in 1899
AhmadiAnswers | Dajjal And Gog And Magog
So, both contending world super powers, Gog (Russia) and Magog (America) have melted like mountains of salt. Right?
" God Almighty has disclosed to me"
Not only G-d had direct Converse with the Second Coming as is evident from the above quotes from him, but G-d also showed truthful dreams/visions to his son the Second
Caliph/Successor of him:
Twenty-four years ago I saw in a dream that I was standing in the middle of a vast plain and a monster in the form of a huge serpent was approaching in the distance. Its proportions might have been as much as twenty yards in length and a thickness of the trunk of a giant tree.
As the monster approached, it seemed that it had started from one end of the earth, devouring everything along the way.

When it reached the point where I was standing, it turned towards an Ahmadi, who started to run to escape the reptile. At that moment, I grabbed a big staff and started to chase the monster in order to rescue the Ahmadi.
But I found that the monster was running so
fast that I had no chance of overtaking it. All the same, I continued to run, and then I saw that the Ahmadi had reached a tree, which he started to climb in haste. But before he could climb high enough, the reptile reached him and swallowed the Ahmadi in a single mouthful.
Then the monster turned in anger at me for having tried to rescue its prey. But as it ran to attack me I saw the frame of a
charpai (Indian bedstead) lying close to where I stood. As soon as the serpent came close, I jumped on to this frame and managed to stand astride on its two opposite bars. As the reptile came closer, I heard some people asking me how I could hope to fight it when the Holy Prophet (sa) had said that there was no one who could subdue it.
I realized then that this monster was none other than the Gog and Magog to whom this hadith referred and that the monster was in fact the dajjal. At that point, I raised both hands towards heaven in prayer for God’s help and protection. Responding to the Ahmadis by my side who had pointed out to me the futility trying to fight the monster, I said that I did not seek to fight it through my own powers, but through the power of prayer; and that victory by this means was not precluded by what the Holy Prophet (sa) had said.
As I prayed, I noticed a change was coming over the serpent, just like little mountain insects that start to melt when salt is poured over them. I noticed that it had started to lose its fire and speed, until it became completely dormant. It then assumed a jelly-like form, which melted into watery liquid that began to flow away.
I turned to my companions and said, ‘Did you observe the power of prayer? Of course, I did not have the strength to overcome the danger I faced, but my God certainly had the power to remove it’. "
Islam Ka Iqtisadi Nizam” or "The Economic System of Islam" 136-137, written in 1945 by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, the Second Khalifah Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community .
The Economic System of Islam




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I have linked to Mueller's Report at least a few times in the past.
It's not our problem if you don't want to read stuff to see the evidence.
Linking to a large report, & expecting one to
wade thru it until reaching the relevant part
suggests mere speculation that it's in there
somewhere. If anyone found real evidence,
they'd have quoted it.