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Is the God of Mormonism the God of the Bible?

Discussion in 'One-on-One Debate Discussion' started by jonny, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. jonny

    jonny New Member

    I would like to challenge Joeboonda to a one-on-one debate.

    This is the debate format I would like to follow:
    1. We will each have 2 days (after Joe accepts) to post an opening statement
    2. We will each have 2 days to post a rebuttal
    3. We will each have 2 days to post a response to the rebuttal
    4. We will each have 2 days to post a closing statement

    The topic I would like to debate is related to this question that you asked in the “More Love Directed at the Mormons” thread:

    “Is the God of Mormonism the God of the Bible?”

    The rules – no copying and pasting from other websites. You may use direct quotes from the bible or LDS scriptures, but all arguments must be a result of your thoughts and research. All claims of LDS beliefs must be backed up by references to LDS scriptures (the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price). This is to avoid the misconception problem we discussed in a previous thread.

    Do you accept? Let me know if you have a problem with any of these rules.
  2. joeboonda

    joeboonda New Member

    Hi, jonny, well, sounds enticing I suppose. However, I am sick right now, (I get sick alot), so I do not know that I would be up to it. Anyway, I know you believe that your God and my God are the same God. I know we will differ where your doctrine teaches (that is I THINK) it teaches, that God was once a man who through his efforts became God, and I believe He has always been God and never changed, that He is Spirit, and omnipresent. As I use only the Bible, and the Bible backs up my doctrine, and you use extra-bilbical books as God's authoritative Word, I don't know how either of us could 'win' the debate. I actually have never been in a pitched debate in my life, so I don't know... Why don't we just discuss it friendly-like, like we been trying to do, and I will try not to cut and paste on this particular thread. Would that be okay? Don't mean to be wishy-washy, but I would rather talk about it as friends than to debate like oponents in an election or something. Sorry I have not been on-line for a while, Christmas and all, and now, sick, sigh...Well, feel free to post what you think about our Gods being the same, I know you believe they are, it sounds very interesting.


  3. jonny

    jonny New Member

    That's fine. You presented the argument in another thread so I was hoping you'd like to defend it in a structured setting. I'll accept the no...unfortunate as it is. I didn't anticipate that this would be an unfriendly debate.

    I'd rather debate this with you with the structure the I listed above than start an informal discussion on it (we already had one of those). The proposal will always stand - let me know if you're ever up to it. :D

    Hope you feel better.
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