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Is the Absolute: God?

One of the main reasons for today’s world problems is that people “believe” in something.
They don’t know but they believe. People believe in Christ, Allah, Jehovah, the Buddha and so on.
To be a follower of a religion is very good, but faith, believe alone is by far not enough.
Especially it is not when this believing leads to the idea of being superior to someone who believes different.
I consider it as a great catastrophe in human history that people in the past changed knowing for believing. I think I know when and how this happened but it takes to long to explain this here.
Important is to understand the shortcomings of believing and to accept that Truth has to be known, in order to live from it.
If you should not accept that you believe in “something higher” but you should strive to grow spiritual in your own faith, there is a chance that you discover a “reflection of eternity” in your own soul. You are THAT, that became you.
Because THAT is recognized as being eternal, without beginning or end, it is also called the Absolute. It is the ultimate Reality which can not be not, and is therefore referred to as Absolute.
This Absolute became all that is, including us.
People who have obtained the insight into this indescribable Reality will tend to be silent about it, but they are sure that it is this Reality, this Absolute, to which the word “God” is referring to.
From this level of understanding it is so sad to see the world sinking more and more in ignorance and senseless behavior.
If the world (all people) should understand Truth, the Absolute, everybody should be inspired to do only the good and that would really make a change!
What do you think, is the Absolute God?
Hans (Dutch)