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Is it Dawn of Big Data? QuestForTruth real name.


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The normal or Gaussian distribution plays a prominent role in almost all fields of science. However, it is well known that the Gauss (or Euler–Poisson) integral over a finite boundary, as is necessary, for instance, for the error function or the cumulative distribution of the normal distribution, cannot be expressed by analytic functions. This is proven by the Risch algorithm. Regardless, there are proposals for approximate solutions.
Evaluation of the Gauss Integral


Our joint project is finished now. There
will be work in the future. There is a lot of work and a few deserved
parties in all of beautiful life. And today is our deserved party:
"DJ BoBo - There Is A Party" YouTube.

The paper is well-thought, the first draft was written at 2011 AD.
It has contained only text and Fig.1A. But with the arrival
of Big Data period of humankind, the approach of the
techno-singularity, in the recent two years the entire
paper was written and published in one of the strongest

Leading terms of Error Function show a lot of new, e.g.,
argument t of P(t) is explicit: t=K*t(P). Fixing K, we got up to 96%
(or even 99%) precision needed. It is the dawn of technological singularity.
It is remarkable luck, that the name of the song contains this value: 96. The U-96.

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