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Is it a crime to possess a beaver?


Veteran Member
So, my mom was telling me, "how dare you say you know more than God. I know his justice is perfect. His ways are above our ways".

But I feel the hundreds of millions of women who died during childbirth (the leading reason why women didn't live to see more than 30 years of age on average for many centuries was death during childbirth. Both death was a curse we endure as a consequence of Adam and Eve's sin, but because of a woman listening to the serpent to eat of the snare God laid to destroy his creation, he wanted a special torture to be assigned to the entire female gender.

Multiplication of birth pains. Genesis 3:16 To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth; In pain you will give birth to children; Yet your desire and longing will be for your husband, And he will rule [with authority] over you and be responsible for you.”

There are women in the military who said it is worse than getting shot. I have urinated blood clots larger than marbles after urethra surgery removing all the scar tissue that was blocking up after shattering my pelvis, so I can imagine a 10 pound baby. The most favored bride of Israel, that Israel (Jacob) made himself a slave 14 years, with only her as payment, died from just her second childbirth.

So, if God is perfect justice, then he doesn't afflict someone with an extremely agonizing and often fatal torture, unless they are guilty of something very offensive to him. Is possession of a vulva criminal behavior that God is justified? Fortunately, I think the virgin Mary and a lot of women are going to revolt and overturn the current leadership.

I don't mean to offend what people hold sacred, but I met Inanna, mother of Harlots, and Yahweh has an S&M naked woman snuff scene (Revelation 17) that he sends an angel to call a bigger audience and says it was inspired by him. It seems important to him that there are more holy people to come watch and delight in a woman being violently murdered + humiliated while naked. He says "Come and see the judgement I have for the harlot"....I hope to die with her, serving her. Because I can tell you some very noble qualities she has , sacrifices she went through to make reparation for the wrongs she did. She created the first civilizations , which operated on a female dominant theology, before anyone even knew who Yahweh was.

They believed that women had it worse in this life, few rights, less valued , less physical strength, less opportunities, to be spiritual giants in the next life. They prayed to a Queen of Heaven, Goddess of warfare was greater than the Gods of war. But she was also Goddess of beauty and love. Goddess of the underworld eventually, descending into hell, dying naked, and raised from the dead, ascending into heaven on a third day...returning to the underworld for another prison ministry, eventually winning the minds and hearts of the inmates and warden.

She isn't hedonistic either. She built the first Empires and civilizations , not by hedonism. The Temple prostitution was to make sacred, the male mentality to objectify women, try to redeem something most men are not going to oppress. Turn it into prayer, holy communion with the Queen of Heaven, where she could help them not be as frusterated and more altruistic, do good deeds with their desires. Turn lust more into love, blessing, invokation of the Queen to bring grace from heaven and earth, to bless the crops, to prevent drout... Also it was to protect her virgin priesthood and women vowed to chastity. She valued childhood and virginal inoccence not in spite of being the mother of harlots, but because of it, and she did not want anyone who had the grace of chastity , to be threatened. So, she found a way the majority, who cannot control such passions, can relieve themselves, use the energy prayerfully.

Men in the Arab world were the most likely to genuflect before an unveiled or topless woman as an Icon to their "Lady of Victories". See her body as sacred temple. Now the regions she dominated, are primarily Abrahamic monotheist Islam, where simply not wearing a veil is often seen as a woman asking to get gang raped, is illegal , so she gets arrested as well. Also, female circumcision, genital mutilation (I know a somolian girl that had that. She said her womanhood has been stolen. It made her hate religion entirely) so that women don't experience much sexual pleasure, is also something that Abrahamic monotheism brought to the regions Inanna used to dominate.

It was not like that when Inanna was in control. The male Deity that hates her, came up with a history, where women are blamed for the fall of man with temptations of forbidden fruit and listening to the devil. And like the female circumcision, this Abrahamic Deity goes to torture them where they give birth....a location of the temple that was most holy , sacred, paradise, in the traditions , the age of the Queen of Heaven.

God cursed all descendants of the serpent, to eat dirt, crawl on their belly, get their head smashed, be feared, with enmity between the serpent and the woman. How is God's justice anything close to rational or sane? That means punish people or creatures , to spend their whole lives suffering, because of what ancestors did. Meaning, they are punished for a crime they didn't commit. Is that ever a form of justice that you would call perfect? Then God's justice isn't perfect. Maybe that wasn't God who committed those atrocities? ;)

That wasn't how the Queen of Heaven operated. Mom's gonna fix it all soon. When the prophet Jeremiah rebuked the people for burning incense to the Queen of Heaven, they bravely refused. They flat out said in Scripture, that she helps them, the makes their suffering go away, in multiple ways. When they try to follow only the God of Abraham, they get disaster. That is how it is with me. When I pray the Rosary, to Queen Esther, some of the female Kami spirits, saint Philomena, saint bernadette.....I actually get results, relationship, my misery goes away, religion becomes time with friends I enjoy, signs and wonders start to appear. There is sometimes healing as wel..

Praying to the male author of Scripture often makes me more angry because I feel like I'm worshipping a serial killer who brags about how pure and blameless he is. then kills people for working on sabbath. So, don't use the Bible to diss the Queen of heaven who helps people, and then I won't have to mention how the God of Abraham punishes vulvas like it is a criminal felony to have possesion of one. ;)

It's always good to , before using the Bible to condemn people, look at how the Bible condemns itself. The first christians were not Bible Christians.
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