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Is Death Evil?


अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
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Everybody dies. Death is as much a part of biological existence as is birth.

Is death evil? If you believe it is, why?


"Be strong" I whispered to my coffee.
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Everybody dies. Death is as much a part of biological existence as is birth.

Is death evil? If you believe it is, why?

Natural death, no. Accidental death, no. Deliberate murder, is heinous but evil? Depends how you rate evil, skipping church to meet your buddies in the pub or taking life for the hell of it?

Terry Sampson

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Slightly more than the last, perniciously-designed drop that a wooden, single-car makes on a roller coaster which disappears into a cloud at its lowest, visible point.


अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
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I created this thread as to not derail your thread linked above and take it from a Biblical debate there. Thanks for coming to my playground...

So if I understand your premise correctly, death is a result of demonic possession brought forth by sin.

If this is the case, I would have to conclude that there has been no human that has been free from sin since the Adam and Eve.

I would further have to conclude that your worldview includes sin in animals, as every animal that has been born unto the earth has died.

Let's not forget about plants. They must sin as well. While many live longer than their animal counterparts, they, too, experience the evils of death and are possessed by demons.

Of course, let's not forget the earth, which will ultimately be incinerated as our sun as it progresses from a yellow dwarf to a red giant. So by your logic, the earth sins and is possessed by demons.

And the stars...and...

Am I following your logic correctly?


One Accepts All Religious Texts
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Is death evil?
Sikh's say 'Sat Sri Akal'(Truth - Almighty - Timeless/without Death).

The Bible relays that, 'those who love death, hate God' (Proverbs 8:36)...

Isaiah 8:19-20 warns that, 'those who speak to the dead on behalf of the Living (God), is because there is no light in them'....

Hebraic concepts were that those who are with the Source are infinite; yet when we're cut off from God, we go into outer darkness away from the Source.

Isaiah 28:9-19 creates the Bed of Adultery, where the sheets are the Christian Covenant with Death created by Paul, where the Chief Corner Stone is in the middle of the bed; according to the Bible these people will be removed from reality soon, for not realizing God is infinite, and never needed such things as a sacrificial system.

So there are layers of understanding, the Source created reality from quantum energy, this appears as light due to the high frequency of info transmitted; when we are no longer connected to the Source, we are dead.

Hell is full of those who have no light in them, and resent the Source in some way... Dense matter around us is dark matter, i.e death creates life.

To choose death is something as light beings we're not meant to do, so alcohol is rotten vegetables, eating death (meat, dried food, cooked, etc) causes us illnesses; even yeast causes negative affects as it is living off death.

The Ravenous/Predators who seek death are to be removed by the Holy Fire in many religious eschatologies...

In Zoroastrian texts it records, how originally life was balanced, and slowly the takers have grown stronger, thus corrupting what the Source originally made; so it will all be cleansed at Frashokereti, returning it to its natural state without death.

In my opinion. :innocent:


"Be strong" I whispered to my coffee.
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I've left an open invitation. It can drops by when it has time.

Could be an interesting meeting
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No? It has to happen for regeneration to take place. It's the natural end of life, which gives way to new life. To say that death is evil is absurd.


RF's Swedenborgian
Life's been good to me, so far. I'm a good environmental steward who has never significantly harmed anybody. Hence, my untimely demise would be totally wrong.
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