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Is Agape Humanely Possible?

Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by Sunstone, Oct 26, 2006.

Is it possible for humans to agape?

  1. Yes. Absolutely.

  2. Yes. But only momentarily.

  3. No. Humans cannot love unconditionally.

  4. Other or Depends.

  1. Sunstone

    Sunstone De Diablo Del Fora Staff Member Premium Member

    Erotic Dance
    Is agape love, unconditional love, possible for humans?
  2. cardero

    cardero Citizen Mod

    It’s not easy. It entails that people give up their jealousies, their tendencies to judge, their insecurities, their fears, their prejudices, their needs of relying on the physicality of love, their sexpectations, their preferences of love and the boundaries they set on love. Some people will have to fortify their ability to forgive freely, they will have to re-learn love, how to bring it out of others, how to teach it, glorify in it. They will have to learn how to cultivate love and keep it growing, learn how to keep love considerate, how to express their sincerity for the things they love, they will have to learn not to categorize it, misuse it, monopolize it, test it, put wages on it, compromise it, jeopardize it, manipulate or warp it and realize that love is not for sale. They will have to learn to respect someone’s love and that respecting does not necessarily mean acceptance. They will have to learn how to love from afar. They will have to learn that you cannot take it away from someone. They will have to learn that love is free, universally given.

    But um, yeah-sure, it can be done.
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  3. uumckk16

    uumckk16 New Member

    I chose "yes, but only momentarily."

    I think we can experience moments of absolute love, moments where we are in touch with the Divine and the world and love it all. These moments might even be frequent.

    But I don't think a human can be in a perpetual state of this type of love. Things come up. We have to eat and sleep and work. People might bother us. It's life. It doesn't mean we aren't loving people. I just don't think we can be all loving all the time.
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  4. angellous_evangellous

    angellous_evangellous Pater Familias Staff Member Premium Member

    No human is capable of absolutely performing any form of idealism.
  5. angellous_evangellous

    angellous_evangellous Pater Familias Staff Member Premium Member

    Well said.

    The Greek moralists fantasized - possibly constructively - about the ideal person who lived selflessly, which of course carried over into NT ideals.

    The most idealistic expression of agape in the NT is Jesus Christ, who willingly suffered and died, and they turned him into a God, demonstrating quite clearly the seperation of the ideal and the rest of us. That's much like the moralists who thought that the wise person - the ideal lover (= friend = philos) was "in a different universe" than the rest of us.

    Indeed, the rest of us merrily ignore the ramblings of a few philosophers and religious leaders just as much as they ignore themselves, living life practically as we are.
  6. Peace4all

    Peace4all New Member

    Is it me or did you just complement your own post

    No human is capable of absolutely performing any form of idealism.

  7. FerventGodSeeker

    FerventGodSeeker Believer

    It is possible only through Christ, not on our own.
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