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Interesting video showing meditation

Discussion in 'Other Religious Movements and Practices DIR' started by r2d2009, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. r2d2009

    r2d2009 Member

    Dec 15, 2013

    Crystal snow - video by Lisa Moen

    This video is a great illustration of the meditation "Latihan".
    It can be used to visualize when entering into this meditation.

    Meditation is one of the main means of developing oneself as a consciousness, as well as the only possible way of cognizing God and merging with Him.
    More about meditation: http://ecopsychology.swami-center.org/meditation-training.shtml

    This meditation - it is state of the soul, as in this video.
    It is inside you feel the same stream of light, joy and love.

    In this technique, one addresses the Holy Spirit for help and asks Him to concentrate above the head (one has to become aware of Him there) and then to “shower” Himself down through the entire body as through a transparent glass cylinder. This will be a true baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    In this way comes the healing of the body.
    The body, having surrendered to this Stream flowing through it, starts dancing and performing other smooth and harmonious movements… This phenomenon is a variation of Laya Yoga — a set of methods of “dissolving” oneself in Divine Streams as well as in static states of the Divine Consciousness.

    More about Latihan meditation: