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Inspirational reading based on The Pyramid Texts

Discussion in 'Setian DIR' started by 1137, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. 1137

    1137 Beloved of Set | O.S. Co-founder
    Premium Member

    Nov 21, 2011
    Order of the Serpent
    I take the finger of Set, which causes the white eye of Horus to see. Oh eye, cause the two lands to bow before me as they bow before Horus. Cause the two lands to fear me as they fear Set. I reign over the regions of Horus, and I reign over the regions of Set. Osiris, you do not gain power over Set, your son does not gain power over him. Horus, you do not gain power over Set, your father does not gain power over him.

    I come as an imperishable spirit, if I will the gods to live they will live, if I will them to die they will die. I ascend to heaven on the Sha, which was at the separation.

    Heaven speaks, the earth quakes on account of your fear, Osiris, when I ascend. I will not be resisted at any place where I go, I will not be hindered at any place where I desire to be. My step is great, that I may traverse the sky. I am not seized by the earth gods, I am not rejected by the planets.

    Khepri, hear it, this word (Xeper), which is spoken to you by me. I have escaped the day of my death like Set escaped the day of his death. Like the name of Set, so too may my Name endure!
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