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India, Then and Now


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[email protected] | Then and Now: Population, sex ratio, literacy rate and more

India has come out of the Covid-19 depression. The growth rate is highest in the world at some 7%. Stock Index is around its highest, though Indian Rupee has taken a beating vis-a-vis USD. But, as Jawaharlal Nehru said, we have miles to go. At the moment we are battling one of the worst floods in recent times in various states of India. Politically India has been very active. Judiciary is holding its fort. Change of governments in Maharshtra and Bihar. So, the report at the end of 75 years of our independence."
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I have a much more personal view from my trips to India starting in 1974 and concluding, so far, with my 2012 trip. Skipping the intermediate trips in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's where I experienced the change happening here's some things of note:

The 1974 trip:

I had to "book a call" to change a plane reservation and someone had to wait by the phone to let me know when the long distance line was available. My attempt to change the flight never went through and I found out only when I got to the airport.

Cashing a traveler's check meant going to the bank, waiting to see someone who examined my documents etc, handed the checks to a second person who passed them to a third person who gave them to the cashier who disbursed money - clearly giving people jobs was #1.

Poverty was everywhere. I saw people by the road who did not even have a tent to sleep in at night and ate God knows what. Children were deliberately crippled to make their future as beggars more lucrative.

The 2012 trip:

I had internet connections from where I was staying and sent email around the world. Cellphone calls were possible. Cashing traveler's checks was efficient. Poverty was still in evidence but much less so. Highways open to cars but not bullock carts were in evidence


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India's population is 1.4 billion and its economy is $3 trillion. So per capita the GDP is slightly over $2000 per person 31 years after its boom began.

In 2008 (30 years after their boom began) China's GDP was $4.5 trillion or $3,470 per person.

The problem is unlike China, India's nominal GDP is growing slower than its population


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India is a democracy. Just yesterday, the alliance in Bihar broke up and Modi's party was removed from the government.
In a dictatorship, they don't have to worry about opposition. Indian government cannot do that.


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Good post for debate. India is still a mix of super oligarchs and the poor with to small a middle class. I meet many Indians. They say under Mr Modi India has improved so much economically. However due to pollution and the problem of finding a good job (due to the big population).They are forced to use family saving s and head for USA and UK. There it is tough but not as bad as India. If you see Mr Modi's new Mercedes Maybech it is one sign of India is competing on par. However the population is to big for everyone to share India's wealth unlike say Switzerland. The Swiss all have high standards of living.