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If God had no beginning what was before God?

rational experiences

Veteran Member
If God had no beginning yet we say transcended to be man human.

The eternal body portion of God O left as sacrificed. It burst burnt as O wasn't its origin form.

Mass of self was. With a spirit separate purpose can change mass.

So spirit Eternal love never left.

God did O.

Gods O remained bodily transcending burning or scattered. In its womb birthed.

Ended as type Eternal hell.

Meanwhile the eternal man spirit being changed in the eternal body as a lesser self. As God bodies had left O.

Man as via God emerged only after heavens mass refilled empty flat space plane. Eternal man experience manifested began.

As only O expanded enlarged masses caused space not to hold a flat plane.

But now exist like an extended pregnancy as space wombs children.

Said teachers of spiritual advice. That spirit now lives the angel experience.

Humans aren't angels.

Cloud angels form in human or animal images the teaching. As humans changed earths God. Mass.

If an animal owns a cloud image and is ferocious it's why angels in clouds aren't living life. As a cloud is one state only. It's owned body mass.

Man hence thought about flat plane of space to remove mass from the enlarged forms of gods. Mass.

Why God owned no beginning and God's form changed into space also will never end. As it already had ended to use a term what end meant without end.

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
Before and after are concepts we think are concrete, but how can they mean anything for an eternal being?
It might help to imagine time as a line from one point to another. God isn't anywhere along the line, he's completely outside of it.
“When is Time?”
“Does God exist?”

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
Most of the problem comes from human conception, and our inability to fathom vast expanses of time. 65 million years is an eon, the time in which it was a science fantasy epic. To try and wrap our imaginations around the Beginning of All and the time until the eventual End of All is... well, practically impossible. And when we perceive the gods, we view them as ants view humans. Our lives are short and fleeting; the gods were here long before us, and the gods will be here long after. This doesn't make them beyond everything, only beyond us. But we are rather self-centered creatures.

What was before the gods? The Void, which is technically still here between everything that is. The better question - and one that only the Dead know - is how existence came about. (From my worldview) what caused Muspelsheim and Nifleheim, life and entropy to clash, creating everything that is? From this we believe the gods came, and with it they will end. How that all came about is entirely unanswerable, and frankly is largely irrelevant; we are here now, and that's all that matters.


Non-debating member when I can help myself
Before and after are concepts we think are concrete, but how can they mean anything for an eternal being?
It might help to imagine time as a line from one point to another. God isn't anywhere along the line, he's completely outside of it.
As a Mathematician (B.S.), lines can extend infinitely in both both directions.


Well-Known Member
This can be explained with simple math. We live in space-time which connects movement in time with changes in space; position, shape, color, etc. Say space-time was not connected. Now, one could move in time without the constraint of space, or move in space without the constraint of time. This scenario would be before time, as we know it, since time we use, is based on connected space-time and not just pure time.

Connected space-time limits physical reality a certain way, defined by the laws of physics. But disconnected time and disconnected space do not have these same limits. It is far more expansive. If I could move in space without time, I would be omnipresent. This is a classic attribute of God. This is not allowed in space-time, but it is logical, if space and time are separated. Warp drives could use this.

A large set of examples, where space and time are not connected, is how the human imagination can work. We can imagine things that go beyond the laws of physics and space-time. I can imagine flying to the sun with wings of a large bird, and then burrowing to the sun's core, in my imagination. This is not real or possible in in space-time, but it is real at the level of neural information, where information combines in ways that have more in common with space and time not connected. The laws of physics can be exceeded with information in alternate combos, if placed in line with a realm, where space and time are not connected.

Time and space not connected has a connection to the neural phenomena we call imagination and information. God is usually defined as spirit with spirit more like information where time and space are not connected, since God is not limited to space-time. by definition.

Now that we can define spirit, we should be able to test for it, since it is not part of space-time, but should work like the imagination in terms of connecting information with space and time not exactly connected. This may be why visions seem to be the main source of data about God; the matrix of imagination can translate such signals, since these both use the same math; separated space and time.

If we look at the acceleration due to gravity, it is 32 ft/sec/sec. It is two parts time and one part distance. Or is it space-time plus time. There is a second unit of time, without a connection to distance; space-time. How does physics explain one extra time unit beyond space-time in a practical way?

If we could move in time without any connection to space, this type of time would apply throughout the universe, simultaneously. Since this independent time is connected to space-time, for acceleration, we have a physical reality variable; space-time, plus a type of universal variable. This would make gravity universal but also a local space-time function. All the forces of nature have this extra time potential added to space-time. This assures that the laws of physics; space-time, are the same in all references.

If we were in a pure time separated from space realm, anything would be possible within spiritual realms. This is optimized for eternity; never get bored.


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In the Bible, God says of Himself, "I am the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end" Revelation 22:13

It would seem to me this O.P asks a question that it also answers!

rational experiences

Veteran Member
God owns no beginning and no end.

Question origin of mass had to once of been different to what it is now.

Reasoned changed mass owns variables.

If heat was introduced that previously had not existed it would have caused all variables.

By interactive change.

Such as bursting first. From mass surrounding pressures changed. O brought forth out of then up in mass would cause thinning and pressure.

So the outside mass plus O would burst burn.

First variable cooler substance changed by pressures in mass.

Which places origin mass as still existing.
Which places a being with a third condition voice to be enabled to manually cause change.

Space nothingness hadn't existed.
Light began spaces emergence as nothing and new pressures as energy began consuming itself.

Forces all shifted.

Man of science hence said God came out of the eternal type. It had no beginning.

The Infinite nothingness of emptiness the infinite God saved energy and held it.

Space becoming greater ever increasing as mass does and had been consumed. Holes the proof.

Energy is not infinite.

Nothingness is infinite never ending as it keeps increasing.

Science said hence I realise one day burning energy will go cold. As it's end it will remain cold too.

Not yet mutual.

Reason coldest in infinite laws are a gas.

rational experiences

Veteran Member
Man of science said my old transmitter machine used is evolved. I used it's design for new machines is my proof.

Now I say I want my old type of transmitter back.

End type that blows up explodes cold.

Meaning he doesn't want new design of science and technology he only wants old.

If he believed in old. Using a colder transmitter...satellite position in space. He would have transmitted direct to new machine.

He doesn't believe in that position.

He says direct from stars hotter mass.

In the past urn clay batteries owned life of the machines charge.

Transmitters went into encased gold Crystal peak transmitter part of the machine to beam in technology.

It wasn't a machines resource it was used to convert earths mass underground dug up in mining.