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I want to repost how I mix Christian, Wiccan Shamanism as a religion. A lot of people ask how this is possible.

There was a post about fear of dying, but I want to repost it here to show people how I blended 3 Faith's together so beautifully. There is a lot of concern from people trying to understand how you can blend Faith's without conflict. I hope the 2 death experiences I had helps explain how mixing Faith's is possible without conflict. If you have any questions or concerns let me know and I will try to explain it to you. I don't have all the right answers but I can share my experiences with you as I explain how my Faiths work so well for me. Anyway without further adieu, this is my story of Faiths:

"In response to fearing death from another post"

No I died twice, it was beautiful! I went to Heaven/Summerland/Happy Hunting Grounds and found family there. I also found an unbelievable and overwhelming love I never seen before from the Angels and their King that greeted me. I went on an incredible journey from life to death back to life again it was amazing.

"As I lay Dying" no, not the novel by William Faulkner, but the story of my life, ha-ha; I went on an amazing journey as so many thoughts went through my mind before I left my body.

I have wonderful mixtures of heritages from Irish, Native American, Spaniard, and African descents so It was a good day to die on both days of my life and I'll tell you why.

You have to understand something about me, I have no fear! There was one time in Guam that a police officer was yelling at me to come back to shore for some unknown reason so I yelled back at him "Swim over here and make me come back!". Or another time I was kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico when an arrogant Coast guard helicopter pilot yelled at me on speaker to return to shore during a tropical storm and I yelled back, "Land your helicopter and make me turn back!" Humans are such strange creatures, they really think they have the right to protect me by trying to take away my freedom to live or die on Goddess Earth I am from!

I live in an area called Tornado Alley where vicious storms are frequent in my area. If a tornado were to sneak up on me I would send it away with my Witchcraft, but if my craft fails me, I will take my staff I carry with me to beat it up! Friends and family pleaded with me in the past not to do that because I will lose if get in a fight with a tornado, but my reply is "What if I WIN!"

Getting back to the story of my two deaths, wow what a surprise giving the vida loca I live. I had all these wonderful thoughts before I died. For some strange reason though, I had these strange Atheist thoughts while I was waiting to die and blink out of existence.

You die, you sleep for lack of a better term and you blink out of existence from an Atheist point of view and I happily waited for it to happen, because I'm weird!

Well, when I died, I was so happy to feel the experience and blink out of existence, but a funny thing happened! If I am dead, how am I able to think and still have a conscience? In fact I never lost consciousness throughout my whole ordeal and actually developed a super consciousness!

I found out I was at two places at the same time (like superposition in a quantum field). I was here with my living body, I was also there at the same time with my spiritual body and I jumped over to my spirit body it was so cool, what a ride!

I wasn't afraid at all because I was in so much awe and wonder what was going to happen next? Am I going to be further enlightened or am I going to crash in some spiritual void that's going to blink me out of existence, I could hardly wait for the answer!

The next part of my journey will hopefully address your questions about fear of death if you believe in the Divine.

Well more amazing things started happening to me in my spirit body, I started getting disoriented as I was traveling through space. Was I traveling up or down? Maybe I was traveling sideways I really didn't know. I traveled like this for a billion years but it didn't matter because time didn't exist in the realm I was traveling through.

I have a fun quantum riddle for you how my situation was when I was dearly departed, (never say dead to a deceased person it's impolite). Anyway my riddle was that I was here, I was there, I was everywhere and nowhere simultaneously in a place that doesn't exist. Try saying that three times without losing your sainty!

For a brief moment my entire sacred body was scattered across the entire Universe and then for a brief blissful moment I became the entire Universe too!

I felt every living and spiritual forces of the Universe and it opened my eyes how precious it is to be connected with everything here including being connected with YOU! I seen your soul and it's beautiful and so is everyone else's if they choose to see the beauty of being here! That is why I don't fear death, I never did, but after these 2 experience, it reinforced my beliefs in the afterlife and the Divine.

I was also shown how to travel through interstellar space in an instant. I don't know why I was shown this but Einstein's limits on speed didn't take into account that wherever you want to go to, you are already there in a conjoined dimension that is infinitely small yet surrounds our entire universe.

My journey ended when I got to the end of our universe that led to a foyer entrance to the next realm. There were 6 Feminine and 6 Masculine spiritual beings or Angels if that makes you feel better to call them that were waiting for me!

Oh they had such beautiful love I never seen before in my life and they came to me, hugged me like a loving family, and made me feel like I was at home and part of something that was so sacred and beautiful too! I went to the land of "Perfect Love And Perfect Trust"

How could I fear death when this place actually exist and we have Angels looking out for us and will welcome us to Heaven when it is our time to pass through!

They called themselves the 12 tribes of humanity, I don't know what that meant but it sounded wonderful so I didn't ask them.

When I was alive I was visited by the Goddess that came to me in Guam, she was so beautiful and she opened my eyes to the beauty of Earth and the potential of people to be beautiful sacred beings too! There is no sin when you are Sacred only perfection and when you walk with the Goddess you see that perfection with your very eyes!

Why do people fear death? It's because they can't understand the simple concepts of living a sacred life the few precious seconds we are here on Earth.

Getting back to the Goddess you might know her as the Holy Spirit of God. I went to many Christian themed denominations and one Methodist church I used to go had a preacher that preached for over 50 years and reached his mandatory retirement age and had to step down. Wow, I didn't know Methodist had mandatory retirement ages, I wonder what they would think of my age of 4.2 billion years old.

I aged 1.2 billion years when I first died and 3 more billion years when I died the second time ha-ha! Remember time doesn't exist in the spiritual realm but if it did I spent 4.2 billion years with them.

That sweet elderly Methodist pastor really took a liking to me, he knew I was somehow different from all the Christians that attended his Church. He was like a father figure to me and on his last sermon day, he gave one of his most passionate and inspirational speeches on the Holy Spirit of God. He said that Christians need to understand God the Father and The Mother Holy Spirit of God too, YES!

That was the last time I went to church but gave him a hug and thanked him for his service and friendship the short time I was honored to share with him.

That relationship I had with him goes back to the connection we all have with one another in the universe. We are separate sacred beings yet we are the same as we are one. I know it's hard to understand but you did ask about fear and why my beliefs in the Divine makes it impossible to be afraid when my eyes were opened to the higher realm of life.

I could go on and on my with this subject but I will stop for now and leave you with 2 quick final thoughts before I leave you; or maybe I can't leave because I'm part of you. Goodbye is a very strange word to me, I don't understand the meaning of it, ha-ha!

Anyway, the first point I want to make was the end of my death's journey. I traveled to the end of the Universe and arrived to the foyer entrance of Heaven. There was a barrier between our Universe and Heaven. If I would have crossed over to the other side of the barrier I wouldn't be able to come back and tell you this wonderful story I just told you. I don't know why, but once you cross over into the light you can't come back. This is what scares all the other dearly departed souls that are still Earth bound Spirits on our Earth. They are afraid if they cross over to the light that might be the second death that will make them cease to exist. I couldn't convince them it was Heaven, that is why they stay close to the living and why mediums and at least one witch can communicate with them. That one witch being me!

I was never able to communicate with anyone from Heaven and I'm so sorry I can't confirm or deny if it is possible to come back from Heaven, but the spirits I spoke to said no one ever came back from the light and some of the spirits I talked to were as old as 15,000 years! The 15,000 year old lady once channeled through my body and I got to see what Earth looked like in her time that was so cool. So the first point I wanted to clear up was that I don't think you can come back from the light barrier.

My second and final point is that When I reached the barrier, Father and Mother God did not greet me but their King Son did. Maybe all three Goddess, God and Son were the same being, just like you and me are the same person too! Remember how I said we are all connected in my earlier statements that is how I mix Christianity, with Wicca and Shamanism together because of what I experienced in my life or um, death!

Anyway if it is any consolation to the Christian Fundies I was kicked out of Heaven twice by the Son of the Goddess and God I believer was the King Jesus. Sorry, I do like to tease Christian Fundies and I can just imagine them saying "That's what you get you filthy witch!" Or maybe a little kinder saying to spare my feelings ha-ha! Anyway I don't mean to disappoint you cute little Fundies, but I wasn't kicked out of or allowed to pass through the light barrier to Heaven because I was bad. I wasn't allowed to pass through because it wasn't my time to go, and this kind King said He had to take me back to Hell, I mean Earth, where all you wonderful living people are from ha-ha! I do like to tease sorry about that. Yes there is so much pain and misery on our Earth but I treasure every precious moment I am alive with you mortals! Because I know my time is coming and the next time I reach the light barrier I will finally get to go home where my love is waiting for me ETERNALLY!
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