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I rate some of my Switch games

Discussion in 'Games' started by KAT-KAT, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. KAT-KAT

    KAT-KAT Well-Known Member

    May 2, 2019
    I wanted to talk about what I think of some of my games in my Nintendo Switch library. Choosing the right Switch games can be confusing, so if my posting my opinions on what I think of some of these games helps someone do some more research into these games and make an informed decision, well great.

    Ring Fit:

    KAT says: This game does provide exercise and a workout. The hardware is interesting. The software gets a bit repetitive and if it was somehow a standalone game, probably wouldn't be worth over $40 despite the entire set being $80.

    KAT's score: 6.9/10

    Metacritic: 83/100

    FIFA 20:


    KAT says: A sometimes boring but well rounded soccer game which doesn't too badly miss its mark.

    KAT's score: 6.9/10

    Metacritic: 43/100

    Sonic Mania Plus:


    KAT says: A game which introduces a larger extent of puzzles and gameplay mechanics to the Sonic universe, but at the expense of sometimes forgetting some people want speed and speed momentum as the main focus of a sonic game.

    KAT's score: 6.9/10

    Metacritic: 91/100

    Mega Man 11:


    KAT says: A Mega Man reminiscent of the NES Mega Man games but suffering from a lack of real depth. Still a charming game though.

    KAT's score: 6.9/10

    Metacritic: 80/100

    Sonic Forces:


    KAT says: The Sonic universe takes a more serious turn in this adventurous but rather linear 3D and 2.5D platforming game featuring upgrades, medals, and boss fights.

    KAT's score: 7/10

    Metacritic: 57/100

    Ultra Street Fighters II: The New Challengers:


    KAT says: An addicting fighting game from the Street Fighters universe with tight, learnable gameplay. In my honest opinion though, the game doesn't have the content to be worth over 30 dollars.

    KAT's score: 7/10

    Metacritic: 66/100

    Super Bomberman R:


    KAT says: A charming, addicting arcade style game which seems like it would be great for multiplayer but also has a story mode.

    KAT's score: 7.1/10

    Metacritic: 62/100

    Mario 3D All-Stars:


    KAT says: Three Mario 3D classics come to life in a solid game featuring the games and the soundtracks, but little else.

    KAT's score: 8/10

    Metacritic: 82/100

    NBA 2K21:


    KAT says: A good, in depth basketball game with mostly easy gameplay mechanics and exceptional graphics.

    KAT's score: 8.1/10

    Metacritic: 69/100

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:


    KAT says: A good solid Mario Kart game but it doesn't take many risks and sometimes features in the game have to be manually disabled to prevent the game trying to handhold you.

    KAT's score: 8.8/10

    Metacritic: 92/100

    Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (classic Genesis games), ported by developer M.2 in collaboration with Sega:

    KAT says: So M.2 ported these old games over but then somehow managed to add new, much needed features to them, creating a really incredible experience.

    KAT's score: 8.8/10

    Metacritic: 77/100

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild:


    KAT says: A robust, compelling adventure with the depth of a fantasy novel and the freedom of the Xenoblade universe.

    KAT's score: 9.8/10

    Metacritic: 97/100