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I Pray You Are Right

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ronald, May 1, 2006.

  1. Ronald

    Ronald Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2004
    Personally, I pray that those that teach “TRINITY, CHRISTMAS, EASTER, RAPTURE, AND SUNDAY SABBATH” could be right I would not get any joy at seeing those people in “JUDGMENT” for false teaching. Yeshua said “to count the cost”, Shaul said prove all things, one would be prudent to do both. If these “CHRISTIAN” doctrines are correct, is there a penalty for those of us that can’t prove these doctrines, I can’t find any! Can you? Will I be left behind for not believing the rapture? The same goes for the other doctrines of the “Catholic/Universal” Church. On the other hand many scriptures warn one against false teachings, causing some one to sin, bearing false witness, the list goes on. People, who believe a lie, wouldn’t, if they knew it to be a lie. (i.e.. HINDU, BUDDHISM, and MOSLEM)
    You and I are the deceived ones if John 1:1-5 is false. Paul warns that “SATAN” poses as an angel of light, his servants pose as servants of RIGHTEOUSNESS. (2 Cor. 12:4, 5.) Many scholars speak of Hashem in three parts, that the grammar, spelling, capitalization, and such prove a triune Creator. I ask WHY? Since there is no place where it suggests that we should try to make “The Almighty” fit into a three cornered box. The writers of the books of the New Testament failed to give any thought to the third part of YHVH, WHY?
    If according to the scholars “TRINITY” doctrine, the disciples believed in a Triune Creator, I always wonder why the scholars never mention the perfect “Seven Spirits of Hashem???(Rev. 3:1). Wouldn’t that make Him a perfect “Ten”??
    Christian Doctrine teaches law no longer in effect; it seems to me that this line of thought completely ignores both the teaching of Yeshua and of Shaul. Yeshua said his words would never pass away, Shaul made it absolutely clear we are to uphold the “LAW”!
    This is not Biblical, but to me, someone who doesn’t understand Shaul’s “LAW and GRACE” teaching has neither the Law nor Grace! I fervently pray that Hashem open their eyes to see the “Truth”. I can’t understand the teaching of the Law being null and void as some teach, these same people would say that one must not kill, commit adultery, when asked about nine of the ten, they agree that it would be in your best interest to refrain from those, but about the one omitted, the fourth! Oh the disciples at the formation of the church changed that one. Or that is our memorial to the resurrection. Did the Disciples change the law? Only the fourth!? True the disciples did sit and eat on the “First day of the week” and true the “Resurrection” was on “the first day of the week”. To attach memorial to the resurrection, and eating lunch as the “LORDS Supper” is nothing short of “precepts of man”. I don’t think Yeshua is going to be anywise happier at modern man teaching human precepts as doctrine as he was with the “Pharisees”. Only the FATHER or the SON can legitimately, change time or the law; so says the HOLY WORD of Hashem! In Da. 7:25 “after the Fourth Beast, another arises Who “thinks” to change times and the law.” Therefore it is my opinion that when one thinks to change what Father-Son spoke into existence that one is in league with the “Enemy”.
    One last thought on the “LAW”. In the Revelation chapter 20, pictures the ones that have no fear of the second death, a vivid picture of the “Righteous”. Is it possible to see a “lawless” Christian, among those “Saints”?
    I do so hope and pray to the Most High Creator , in the power and authority of his son Yeshua, that each one who teaches, be convicted by the Word of Hashem, and they be changed and teach only the “TRUTH” from the Bible.
    In conclusion, there are 2500 “Denominations” selling 2500 “Truths”, only one is the “Biblical” truth.
    The old saying “Close only counts in horseshoes”. Should the “SPIRIT of TRUTH” lead us close, but not all the way to “THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING, BUT THE TRUTH, SO HELP ME, YHVH!” We are all “spitting into the wind.” There is no GOD! And the beer commercial is correct; “you only go around once so grab all the gusto you can get!” I have tested the “CATHOLIC-CHRISTIAN SPIRIT“, it makes void words that proceeded from the mouth of GOD, therefore I cannot accept that “SPIRIT”. I pray the call to know the truth, not “return void”, but to lead you into the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus), the “JEWISH MESSIAH”, the “TRUTH” that sets free.