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I Never Thought I'd See the Day


Oldest Heretic
The USA has just established a new cross border Abortion industry.
That will almost certainly be controlled by criminal elements. It will cover procurement transportation and accommodation. It will cover extortion, blackmail, and sexual exploitation of its female victims.
Those males that might pay for, help, or seek out abortions for their partners or friends will fall in to the same entrapment.

This is the inevitable result of the new ruling.

Organised crime will be overjoyed.

Secret Chief

nirvana is samsara
Americans. Just indulge me a min....

It's a very very bad idea when those who judge the law are also those that make the law. Separation of powers and all that. But is that what these judges can do (and are doing)? Please tell me it isn't....

Secret Chief

nirvana is samsara
too late for that!!
Is anti-abortion part of fascism or is it simply that fascists are unable to muster any empathy? Surely they'd be concerned that liberals and People Of the Wrong Color will be churning out even more despicable creatures?


Well-Known Member
Here is where abortion stands in your state.

Part of law the Massachusetts governor signed in law immediately following the Court's decision.

  1. No Assistance from Executive Department Agencies. Except as required by the order of a court of competent jurisdiction, no executive department agency and no employee, appointee, officer, or other person acting on behalf of any executive department agency may provide any information or expend or use time, money, facilities, property, equipment, personnel or other resources in furtherance of any investigation or proceeding initiated in or by another State that seeks to impose civil or criminal liability or professional sanction upon a person or entity for
      1. the provision, securing, or receiving of, or any inquiry concerning reproductive health care services that are legal in this Commonwealth; or
      2. any assistance given to any person or entity that relates to the provision, securing, receiving of, or any inquiry concerning reproductive health care services that are legal in this Commonwealth.
No. 600: Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Services in the Commonwealth | Mass.gov


Think & Care
Staff member
Premium Member
RvW is just the beginning. Look at Thomas' opinion about gay marriage, contraception, etc? Did you also see the ruling on Miranda rights?

There is a concerted effort to roll back things to the 1950's. That's when MAGA's think America was Great.