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I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things


Veteran Member
Let’s imagine I created a Robot, armed it and sent it into town to Kill as many people as possible. Am I not Guilty, should I stand accused.
God created Satan, yet everyone points the finger at Satans deeds, Satan is doing what God created him to do.
So God is the creator of Evil but gets a free pass, why?

I find Satan did NOT do what God created him to do according to Ezekiel 28:13-17.
Cherub Satan was supposed to be a covering cherub, Not turn himself into a megalomaniac.
- James 1:13-15


Veteran Member
No we just offer the true meaning of Isa 45:7 and many refuse to accept it. IOWs Isa 45:7 is not an unequivocal statement that God creates evil, as varying translations show.

God remains the same and does not change His mind when nothing happens to cause Him to come to a different conclusion. When people repent God is always open to a change in what He was going to do before they repented. The change of mind/heart is based on good reason and is not because God flip flops from one thing to another for no reason (capricious).
What God has ordered as judge of the earth is not the same as moral guidance that we should follow.
With the incidents you cite I find it better to look for reasons that God ordered these things and in that day and age and I certainly don't think that God was teaching people to smash babies heads on rocks as I'm sure you also don't think God was teaching as a moral precept. It is amazing how far people can turn against the God of the Bible when they leave the Church, and leave reasoning about the Bible behind and decide that we should judge God as if He is a human being.

In the English King James 'evil' does Not always have to be synonymous with wrong doing.
'evil' can be used in the sense of 'calamity ' .
Sodom and Gomorrah was a calamity but Not for an evil purpose.
Isaiah 26:10,14

rational experiences

Veteran Member
If all states exist exact and natural before a man was conscious by breathing.

How do you relate that advice existing brain changed yourself. Knowing machine heavens constant changed your brains. Innocent human non theist.

Yet historic only the theist man's brain changed first?

He loses body mind in human genesis as he did evil. Removed out of family's life body consciousness. His self warning theist science man.

Then innocent family become aware of who he was. As he taught them?

He'd be a satanist science destroyer as conversion is only that future reaction by men.

No alight heavens exists naturally as does alight heavens. No mans life is involved about subject or body type history. Change to. No conscious of identity in the advice.

Yet man's advice had to exist to think upon the subjects.

So he places the subject by intent lower than the mass. As his human subjects who he also cares less about changing life is his subject.

The theists man's origin intention position in life and behaviours.

He'd blame stars return. As that mass came back and taught him science. But it came from past terms. Not future terms.

What he lied about as a theist today.

So he pretends it's not his machine mass reaction. Lying.

He was in life lord king rich man.

I prove I theoried about natural history earth heavens man had nothing to do with. After his own Lord man king life was hurt. Saying now I tell the truth.

Natural life owned the truth First.

So you write it as a read absolute contradiction so you'd notice man in science is the destroyer.

But you don't. You place a new theory upon the advice proving yourself wrong again. Same behaviour the sun mass is the past not present nor the future.


Veteran Member
In the English King James 'evil' does Not always have to be synonymous with wrong doing.
'evil' can be used in the sense of 'calamity ' .

I imagine even in the days when KJV English was everyday language, the use of "evil" would have caused confusion.


Veteran Member
There is plenty of evidence of punishment committed by the God in people's minds for many things.
Human superstitions are evidence that humans are superstitious. But they are not evidence that God is punishing anyone for anything. Especially when the misfortunes that many humans call "God's punishment" happen to the deserving and the undeserving, alike. In fact, the whole myth of a hell after death has come about because it is obvious that God does not punish those deserving of it in this life.


Veteran Member
I imagine even in the days when KJV English was everyday language, the use of "evil" would have caused confusion.

Yes, could have caused confusion, after all, they had No comprehensive Bible concordance as we now have.
Thankfully, 'spiritual light' (Psalms 119:105) grows brighter and brighter with the passing of time - Proverbs 4:18


It's still free will.
I'm free to ignore warnings and jump into deep water even if I can't swim.
Actions having consequences does not negate free will.
If I tell a woman she must sleep with me or I will set her on fire, it’s not really free will at all.