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I’m Going Home

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Lekatt, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. Lekatt

    Lekatt Member

    Oct 2, 2021
    Now when I lay me down to die,
    give no pity, feel no sorrow.
    There’s no need for one to cry
    ‘cause I won’t be here tomorrow.

    I’ve lived life for a long, long time,
    learning to do what’s good and right.
    I’ve made me mark, written me rhyme,
    I’m all set for that final flight.

    I’ve touched the hem of death before,
    by heart attack I ceased to be.
    I’ve seen another distant shore,
    through me face-to-face NDE.

    The spirit world is golden light,
    filled with care, compassionate love.
    Its total blessing hugs you tight,
    leaving no doubt you’re part thereof.

    There’s a Park with dazzling green grass,
    dotted with brilliant rainbow flowers,
    tables, and chairs like polished brass
    a place to couch for endless hours.

    Deep blue water flows in small stream,
    ponds with fountains create a breeze.
    Around The Park’s utmost extreme,
    are dwellings built for all to please.

    Crystal buildings house libraries,
    for the pursuit of all knowledge.
    Rooms of learned commentaries,
    more than any earthly college.

    A Hall of Records contains the past,
    the deeds of all souls ever been,
    for us to know, from first to last,
    a worthy work kept safe therein.

    Museums, mansions, field for games,
    schools for keeping me reverent.
    “Like earth it seems to be the same,
    yet it is very different.”

    I could be someone’s spirit guide,
    to help them navigate their life.
    I might play watcher on the side,
    helping the gifted with their strife.

    Many, many roles to choose from,
    much work of love to carry through.
    I could pose an effort outcome,
    and then relax, let love accrue.

    Everywhere light, the source of love,
    permeating bright through and through.
    Bringing compassion from above,
    love and caring for me and you.

    Naught to serve, everywhere to serve,
    naught to learn, everything to learn,
    freedom of choice that all deserve,
    the greatest gift of life to earn.

    So when I lay me down to die,
    grieve for thyself, I will not roam,
    we shall meet again, in the bye,
    not to worry, I’m going home.
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