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Hyper-Dimensionalism and causality

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Beyondo, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Beyondo

    Beyondo Active Member

    Jan 11, 2010
    Many of the strange phenomena of matter at the subatomic world seem to violate common sense causality or cause precedes an effect. The perception of matter as simultaneously existing across 3 dimensional space is a crux of quantum computing. Although many physicist may have been inspired to explore eastern philosophies from their experiments at the sub-atomic world they did so because the premise of their beliefs prevented any other alternative other than perhaps a collective conscious theory, ergo "Schrödinger Cat". What has baffled science for decades has inspired a new approach to matter called "String Theory". String theory resolves the irrational infinities of particle trajectories to produce fields. It does so by formalizing matter as a two dimensional string that by virtue of time carves a three dimensional volume, therefore removing the infinities by occupying 3D space to produce a field. This is all fine but in the end the idea stems from an all encompassing container called space. Because space is the all encompassing container hyper-dimensions have to be explained as very small. Quantum mechanics reduces particle trajectories to probability waves in so doing explain how a particle of light can just appear behind a wall from its source! What if hyper-dimensions were not small at all? What if space were not the container of all things? Then what could space be?

    Space could be described as the dimensional degrees of freedom of matter, as such space becomes a product of matter. From this notion hyper-dimensionality is no longer small. In fact with this kind of space at the sub-atomic level hyper dimensional trajectories are common. If that were the case then a particles trajectory would not be constrained within a 3 dimensional volume. In other words the barrier of a wall can be over come because the hyper-dimensional path allows the particle to cross over 3 dimensional barriers. In effect the particle can enter into structures contained by 3 Dimensional solid walls! This kind of particle trajectories would wreak havoc with our notions of causality, which is exactly what we experience in the sub- atomic world. Of course the use of time as a dimension is not violated wth hyper-dimensions, it just turns the traditional 4D space-time, where time is used as a dimension in 3D space but is not a spacial dimension, into hyper-dimensional space-time. Also the problem of infinities when prodcing fields can be resolved because a particle would now be described by its degrees of spacial freedom.

    So why then can we not experience a hyper-dimensional universe? The answer is that just as three dimensional paths of a particle cancel out with probability waves when particles interact with one another so too would any hyper-dimensions. In fact a Hyper-dimensional universe could not sustain gravitational orbits such as the moon around the earth or the earth around the sun! In effect 3 dimensional space is a gauge effect from the interactions of subatomic particles. That being said; then quantum gravity doesn't really exist but is a product of some other quantum effects, similar to directional light. In other words a graviton can exist but it can't turn into gravity unless there are a whole lot of them!

    Hyper-dimensional thinking is not knew to mathematics, Riemann developed the mathematics around 1853. What physicist haven't entertained is a concept of space that isn't the container of all things. Because of this hyper-dimensional space can only exist as a rigid manifold whose attributes have to be constrained to the very small. This kind of thinking will not resolve allot of the strangeness of causality at the sub atomic world.
    #1 Beyondo, Apr 12, 2010
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2010
  2. Mr Cheese

    Mr Cheese Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2007
    actually, with training and mental exercises we can perceive a 4D world...

    at least thats what I read when exploring 5 dimensional hyper cubes once...
    which of course can relate to the Sefer Yetzirah, a Jewish text that is about 2000yrs old