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How to Get Purpose of Ramadan - Taqwa – Avoid Evil, Do Vrtues

Discussion in 'Ahmadiyya DIR' started by DawudTalut, May 24, 2018.

  1. DawudTalut

    DawudTalut Peace be upon you.

    Apr 4, 2008
    Islam DIR
    Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.... “O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous.” (Holy Quran ch2 : v184)

    By the favor of Allah the Exalted we are being enabled to pass through another Ramadan. In this month, attendance to mosques increases. The above verse is often presented on MTA to remind that Fasting is prescribed to attain Taqwa. Fasting was prescribed in previous religions too, for Taqwa. Today, people of those religions neither have their teachings in original condition, nor do they practice, and hence nor they have Taqwa. But Islam is the everlasting religion to stay till Hereafter, its teaching is everlasting, and today Holy Quran in its original form, exists in every place of world. It is guidance for those who practice Taqwa, or those who practice it they shall always walk on Taqwa, it is guidance for them. Furthermore, in last era, for our reformation and for publication of Holy Quran and to draw attention to practice it, Allah the Exalted sent Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), and enabled us to accept him. Thus it is very great responsibility of us, Ahmadis, that we should understand reality of Fasting and make effort to attain purpose of Ramadan i.e. to develop Taqwa and to have progress in Taqwa.

    In the verses next to above mentioned verse, details regarding Fastings are mentioned; to recite Holy Quran, to follow commandments of Allah the Exalted and to pay attention to prayers are mentioned too. But the essence of all these is mentioned is said in one word of this verse, that the purpose of Ramadan Fasting is Taqwa.

    So one should do special effort in this month to act on commandments of Allah the Exalted and pay attention to His worship so that it become easy to be part of life forever. When we do (or shall do) effort in Ramadan to get Taqwa, we shall be paying attention to our worships. If we shall Fast with doing effort to walk on Taqwa, our attention will be developed to avoid evils and to act on commandments of Allah the Exalted by finding them. By avoiding evils, whether these affect ourselves or put others in troubles, purpose of Fasting will be obtained. It is Taqwa. If not avoiding evil, purpose of Fasting is not obtained. It is not Taqwa if we are Fasting but we are arrogant, we have misplaced pride of our works, we have habit of liking ourselves, we have desire to ask people to admire us, we like our subordinate should do flattery to us, we are pleased to those who praise us or we have desire of this. If in Ramadan, we are not avoiding quarrel and lie, it is not Taqwa. If, in Ramadan, we are not spending time in worships, prayers and virtuous deeds it is not Taqwa, and we are not fulfilling purpose of Fasting.

    So, in Ramadan, avoiding evils and doing virtues, fulfill purpose of Fasting. When human makes effort to remain steadfast in it, only then he really attain purpose of Fasting otherwise it will be only being hungry. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that Allah the Exalted does not need you being hungry if you are not getting these purposes.

    Some people deceive in the name of Fast and do not remain hungry too, they express they are Fasting apparently but they do not Fast. Such people have no control over their eating and drinking. They cannot stop themselves from eating and drinking for few hours for the sake of Allah the Exalted. How can they control their selves in other matters. Recently result of survey was published about muslims’ Fasting in UK * The survey taker arrived at conclusion that many youth there Fast for show off and they do not know purpose of Fasting. A non-muslim took interview of muslim young man. He said in interview: Yes I kept Fast with my family by eating Suhoor / Sehri. Sehri and Iftar are prepared regularly in our house. My mother is 64, a diabetic, she keeps Fasts, despite this she prepares various food for us for Sehri and Iftar, and now we shall eat iftar food now. But reality is, due to societal pressure and to show family I show I am Fasting, I ate sehri today, and I returned in afternoon after eating fish and chips. In UK, there are thousands of young people like me, who keep Fasts of such kind.

    It is reality of Fasting of some people and if some keep Fast for whole day, they do not pay such attention to Salaat-s and worship, which ought to be. They offer one or so Salaat and that is it. They do not pay any attention to awamir and nawahi (commands and prohibitions) of Allah the Exalted. Such Fastings do not fulfill that purpose which Allah the Exalted told i.e. you should practice Taqwa.... It is very big responsibility of us, Ahmadis, that, after accepting Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), we should fulfill rights of our Fastings as Allah the Exalted has commanded to pay their right. We should make effort to understand what is Taqwa and how we should practice it. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) told us about Taqwa on various occasions - who is muttaqi - real comfort and delight is developed by true Taqwa, comfort is not in worldly delight – how we should practice virtues – to become momin / believer, human should do each of his work to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted; this one thing differentiates between a believer and disbeliever – each day which rise, it should bring us forward in knowledge about Allah the Exalted

    Reference and more in www dot alislam dot org/friday-sermon/2018-05-18.html

    *reference: fake fasting vice dot com