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How to find Friends and married sex?


Well-Known Member
How to find friends and catch a bluebird of luck by the tail?
Don't search at all. Fear rejection and failure. Do not accumulate losses, but act for sure.
The one who offends you makes you a loser.

Failures and troubles threaten your
charm, luck, and charisma. It's like the Theory of Natural Selection: some Hidden
Mechanism quickly takes you out of the game (if you start losing all the time) so that
you will be gone and forgotten after you die.

To pass the appointed job interview (or to make a good impression on
a date) is easy: the chance is about 70 % based on your skills in CV.
But the previous 100 analogous interviews were fallen through
(without a known reason), then your expectancy to get the dream job is just
one percent 1/100=1 % or even less. The difference between 70 % and 1%
is explained by (Bad) Luck. Bad Luck is also known as Negative Charisma.

Obviously, the Homer got job, because of Luck, not social skills.
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