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How the Greek Conceptions of Logos can Elucidate John 1:1 Jesus as Logos


Master of the Horse
Ah, interesting! So Epicureans were the scientists of their day..... seem pretty skeptical. I know, I know, many are going to say they had their heads on straight. Hey, I watched a You Tube video last night with Michio Kaku on the program "Closer to the Truth." Kaku is definitely a scientist, discussing his book "The God Equation." I was very impressed with his succinct and excellent analysis of science. I was very impressed, as well, with his spirituality! I just had no idea! My goodness what a breath of fresh air, not to see the denigrating of religion in order to attempt to make science superior.

Anyway, so, Stoics here I come! Lol! You are ruining me man, I am about to blow all my hard earned money on those books - GRIN! I mean, I don't know about you, but I have been rather enjoying this talking with you, and if I can come up to speed I can continue to at least fake like I can discuss some things intelligently with you... Thank you for taking time, and I hope we can continue, this is really great for me, and I hope so for you as well.

Happy to help