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How Old Is the World

Discussion in 'Science and Religion' started by Pah, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Jayhawker Soule

    Jayhawker Soule <yawn> ignore </yawn>
    Premium Member

    May 15, 2004
    I've always considered Mr. Couchman's article to be an exemplar of Christian integrity. You might find it worth reading ...
  2. meogi

    meogi Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2004
    Sake, Mr_Sprinkles, sah-keh! ;) And it was my friend mr jack daniels that night... was a bit homesick, so wanted something familiar.

    And thank you Runt, again, sorry for getting off topic... I'll try to stay away from here when next I drink.

    On to Mr. Couchman:
    Wow, he said it himself, it's not science!

    I've already stated that HOGCALLER's presentation that "the Bible does not give a date for the creation of the "world" nor does it say that the "world" was created in 144 hours. Point made; enough said." is fine. But it's not science, and with that, I believe I'm done with this thread. (Thanks for the link Deut, gonna read all of it here shortly)

    AND GAH, THIS WYSIWYG THING IS ANNOYING! I'm just trying to make the text go from 3 to 2... but no, if I do one, it's gotta change everything else! WGOISDJFL:KSNDFOISJF
  3. t3gah

    t3gah Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2004
    Using the ages listed in the holy scriptures many people have determined that the earth can only be around 6000+ years old. The current standing of years on the Hebrew and Chinese calendars are close to that number.

    I fail to see that it could be that young, the earth that is.

    I believe the ages started after Adam and Even were ousted from Eden. How long they lived prior to that point is probably a reason why the world seems alot older than people think or say. The dinosaurs are an indication of just how old the world is. IF in the beginning God created the animals and then had Adam name each one, we people will never know just how long that process took since it's not in the scriptures.

    Away from the bible we have science. Science has made leaps and bounds in the carbon dating field and chemical analysis area's but they are not perfect. One study found that the chemical analysis could be off by 10's of thousands of years in either direction. A small number I say since we may talking about millions of billions of years. Which might be accumulative with a 10,000 year error margin. Then we have carbon dating which too they have had problems with. Problems you say? How?! Well, since no one on earth can really say how old anything is, the references that they are using are not precise. Oh yes they have conducted experiments in making things old, etc., but still there's a margin of error for all of the tools they use to date things.

    Back to the age of the earth.

    It's older than anyone on earth and the total sum of all the people that have lived on it. Mathematically speaking of course.
  4. meogi

    meogi Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2004
    The dinosaurs are not an indication of just how old the world is. 200 million years ago is nothing compared to 4.5 billion.
    There's nothing wrong with carbon dating. It's when you try to date something older than ~50,000 years that it becomes unpredictable. You don't use carbon dating for dating really old fossils/rocks; potassium/argon is used instead.
    The earth formed, at most, 5Ga (billion years ago). Current population is ~6.2 billion. Why exactly do you say all the people before now + now is less than the age of the earth?
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  5. painted wolf

    painted wolf Grey Muzzle

    Apr 2, 2004
    in his defence dinosaurs do show that the earth is older than humanity's existance on it.
    Not the actuall age, but very old. ;)

  6. MagickIsFun

    MagickIsFun Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    The earth was really created..(drumroll)...(poing) A relly long time ago! The earth is very old. Older than anyone could ever live. It was born before everything.
  7. hoomer

    hoomer Member

    Nov 29, 2004
    ha ha this has so many typos..new keyboards gotta ove em

    dating the earth..what an innane past time....how silly...reductionism......
    Lets take an apple and smash it with a hammer and study apple mush in order to see how an apple tree grows!!!!

    "religious" dates abound..they aren't literal they are poetic......some think that a paradigm shift in conciousness of mankind ccured around 6000 yrs ago...or possiby 10,000 who knows....

    How old is the earth!

    Go forth and read James Gleik's book CHAOS....which asks...."how long is the coast line of Britain"......in order to decide how long said land mass is...the author proposes we must get closer and closer into the land and measure with increasing acuracy.....to do this woud me that the coast line of Britain has an infinate length....

    We can apply this to the age of the earth...and see the age of the earh is timeless....

    But thats the problem with reductionism...too much of the 8th emanation (qabbalah)....too much logic..and rationalisation......

    "we must see the whole not the parts" ---some wise hindu dude....a panentheist..like myself..

    the height of knowledge is to know nothing ----frater crc[/QUOTE]
  8. Torgo

    Torgo New Member

    Feb 7, 2006
    Barring some kind of revolutionary discovery in physics or cosmology, it seems pretty clear (and has been for about a decade or two now) that the age of the solar system is between 4.5 and 5 billion years and the age of the universe is between 10 and 15 billion years. Pretty much no one who knows the evidence and theories will argue with that. The uncertainty comes from the fact that in order to get the age of the universe you need to take lots of measurements from all around the universe to get the small random motions and irregularities in the redshift, density, etc to cancel out, and the fact that there is always contamination and error in any measurement.

    Even though I am MOST definitely a Christian, I put little to no faith in the literal accuracy of books written thousands of years ago in a pre-scientific age in another language which have gone through countless retellings, recopyings and translations. Even if they were the literal word of God, what possible reason could there be to tell people whose vision of the world was probably still a flat plate with a dome on it about the big bang and the condensation of the earth from interstellar dust - "in the beginning there was hydrogen and photons...". You'd just confuse them. You need to think about what could make the authors and recopyers write and copy what they did - basic ideas rather than facts which were probably lost long ago (at least for much of the old testament).

    In any case there is one thing in the whole creationist/young universe thing that I have never understood: WHY does "natural" have to mean "purposeless"????? So WHAT if this planet collapsed under its own gravity from a dust cloud. In the same way, so WHAT if I developed according to the laws of genetics and biochemistry from one cell. Why does that make a difference to the purpose and meaning of it all??
  9. angellous_evangellous

    So should he get frubals for both posts?