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how many times do you go to services


New Member
:rainbow1: Survey
I am doing a project for one of my school assignments. The assignment was to pick a question and ask it in a biased way and a non-biased way. By asking my question on an online chat room I am asking it in a non-biased way, making sure that where I ask the question does not persuade some ones answer one way or another. I also had to make shore that the answer I got was in number form so that at the end I could calculate my data, find the mean, median, mode, and range and then display it.
Please read the question and then answer in a number form about how many times you think that you go.

Question: About how many times a year do you go to synagogue/church/temple?
About: 0 times 1 time 3 times 6 times
9 times 12 times
18 times 24 times 27 times 30 times 33 times


Veteran Member
Every Sunday I try to attend, and I also go to conferences, devotionals, potlucks, etc.

So the number is 52+ (it's hard to guesstimate the actual amount)


hey, dear. while not a Christian, i do attend Mass at a local Catholic church twice a month or so. i love the community there, and find the services beautiful and uplifting.

so about 20 times a year.


Rajun Cajun
I typically try to go every Sunday, so that would be 52 times a year. However, I have to subtract about 5 to 10 times a year due to being sick, being out of town, weekend overtime at my job, etc. Because of this, I'd probably say about 42 times a year.

BTW, welcome to the forum :).


New Member
Thanks very much for the response
im trying to get about 20 answers by the end of the break. i appreciate all the information: hamster : thanks for welcoming me so kindly.
i will enjoy every response and yes I do mean all religions.
:newyear: happy new year to all and hope that you have fun during the holiday season. :tigger: :snoopy: no matter what you're doing for it.


Brother Rock
I am , i guess, not the norm.

3 times a week
sunday morning, sunday night, wednesday night,
Jail ministry on monday night,

also , a few months out of the year i teach bible collage ( tuesdays and thursday nights).

at my local church - 156 times a year ( for the last 10 years), ( i miss around 10 or services a year for various reasons).

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
If it's any type of religious services, and includes private meditation, study, and rituals, then 60+ a year.


Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
To Church ? I was married in one, and both my sons were baptised in one.........I think that covers the last thirty years of my life.....

Actually, I go into churches when there is no one else there; I don't enjoy congregations.


Prince of Dorkness!
I am a Buddhist, and we typically have at least two services a week at the Temple, so it is at least 100....................

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
we don't have services per-say.
For our faith the way we live is a form of worship.
faith and worship isn't something you only do at a church its the way you live.



I'm not sure which, if any, of the functions that I attend at my local Baha'i center would be considered "services", as we have no clergy. As far as the more formal events (Feasts and Holy Day celebrations): approx. 15, children's classes: approx. 30, and deepenings: approx. 45. So, I go to the Baha'i center approx. 90 times a year, total. I also attend meetings (study circles and devotionals) in the homes of individual Baha'is approx. 20 times a year. This makes a grand total of approx. 110 events, which might possibly be considered services, that I attend yearly.


New Member
:trampo: Thanks Sooooooooooo much for yor help:help:
i am now halfway done on this part of my project.
I had no idea that there was such a variety of ways people went to services and how
many times they could or did not go. :bunny:
With the data Ihave now, Ican see that most people go about...50 times a year. With all the responses I get, I am rounding to the nearest tens so I can get a better understanding on the graph. Thank you again.
Enjoy the holiday season.:grill: hope you have a relaxing one!!!


Not your average Mormon
I go to church most every Sunday for three hours. I try to go to the temple (which is not the same thing) once a month, but lately I've been kind of negligent about doing so.


As a Baha'i I attend Feasts every nineteen days so that's nineteen times a year. I think I missed one Feast.

We have a Sunday public program at the Baha'i Center and my son and I go to that so that's maybe forty eight times in the past year.

Also have a Ruhi study class that met last Summer and Fall so that's about twelve times.

- Art


Moved on
As long as the blood of my ancestors flows through me, I'm always at service. :) So does that count as once or as some huge number?


20 times a year on average I attend a Baha'I Faith devotional, and about 10 times I show up at a UU church, so about 30 in all.


Steel Magnolia
About 148 times a year.

I go to church services three times a week, and that is 156 times a year, I think, but I allowed a few days for being sick or out of town.