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How i think the Star Wars movies should have been

Discussion in 'Movies' started by drekmed, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. drekmed

    drekmed Member

    Aug 3, 2005
    Episode 1
    it was more of a child's movie movie than a needed part of the saga.

    looking back on it, it would have been much better if it had started about 10-15 years earlier with a few minutes of background on the Sith, i.e. Plageous and Palpy show a little before and the moment of Palpy killing Plageous, then cut over to Qui-gon/Obi-wan possibly the selection process of the padawan not a long process about 5 minutes, this and the sith part would add about 15 minutes on the movie. then jump ahead to where it actually started.
    i felt the part in the trade federation ship was done fairly well, it introduced us to the Neimoidians and the droid army. this part also gave us a little jedi v. droid action. i would keep this part.
    now qui-gon and obi-wan hop on the ships, head down to the planet, meet with jar-jar, start running away from the massive droids, deflecting blaster bolts. there are so many of them and while they are running jar-jar trips and falls to the ground. the jedi turn to try to help him, but one of those flying droid things happens to get a lucky shot as jar-jar is getting up, and disentigrates his head. jedi defeat the droids chasing them and use a droid speeder to get away and to the naboo. they get the queen, run blockade, and head to tatooine for repairs.
    darth maul comes in, you see Palpy talking to him about the how a project of his is in danger of being compromised and sends him to tatooine to collect it. maul gets in his ship and departs.
    the queen's ship lands on tatooine, both qui-gon and obi-wan head into town to get replacements. while in town, they meet anakin and his mother, qui-gon notices the anakin has a strange presence in the force, and decides to take him back to the ship to run some tests. obi-wan goes off to find the parts needed to fix the ship. he acquires the parts and heads back to the ship. cut to qui-gon, anakin, and shmi in the desert, they run into maul who confronts them, injuring shmi. qui-gon has his hands full and anakin is being ignored. seeing his mother injured anakin becomes angry and uses his anger in an uncontrolled force storm around maul, knocking maul unconcious, and anakin passes out from the force energy that poored through him. not being too far out of town, shmi decides to go back to town for medical attention, and tells qui-gon to take anakin away from tatooine. qui-gon carries anakin back to the ship, were obi-wan was installing parts, and they fly away.
    on the ship padme is taking care of anakin when he wakes up, they do a little talking, and she explains what happened with his mother.
    the part on coruscant was fine change nothing.
    the queen's ship departs cut to Palpy punishing maul for his failure to secure the project and informs him he has one more chance to recover it and to make the jedi pay. failure would mean a very painful death.
    the queen's ship goes back to naboo with qui-gon, obi-wan, anakin and a few other jedi. anakin stays on the ship as the jedi go about securing the palace and capture the viceroy, and deactivate the droids. the extra jedi die in the process.
    qui-gon and obiwan go back to the hanger, where they see an unconscious anakin being carried by maul back to his ship. maul sees them and places anakin in the middle of the hanger. qui-gon and obi-wan fight maul, outcome is the same as the movie, although obi-wan uses a force push on maul, after slicing him in half, to push him down the shaft.
    to end the movie they go back to coruscant, anakin becomes obi-wans padawan, palpy congratulates obi-won on defeating maul and his recent acceptance of an apprentice. silent scene at the end is qui-gon funeral.

    this would have made a much better movie, no gungans, no podracing, although not mentioned could have a small role for the droids, and anakin would have already had a brush with the dark side.

    feel free to add Ep 2-6 and critique my Ep 1. lets make it a game.
    i like the darker movies so if any changes, please make them darker, not lighter.