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How do you define the LHP?

Discussion in 'Left-Hand Path Religions DIR' started by Father Heathen, Apr 7, 2022.

  1. Father Heathen

    Father Heathen Veteran Member

    Feb 29, 2008
    I was under the impression that the left hand path focused on personal freedom, discovery, and empowerment. That it's also about free-thought, rational self-interest, tearing down arbitrary restrictions in the form of sacred cows and taboos and indulging in one's pleasures and desires while at the same time practicing personal responsibility and moderation. Basically very libertine and libertarian ideals. Yet lately I've heard multiple people claim that this was infact unsatanic. They seemed to suggest that "real" satanism is right wing ideology in a halloween costume. This seems odd to me, especially when it means that the LHP is politically aligned with evangelicals and dominionists. How does that make sense?
  2. RayofLight

    RayofLight My pronouns: they/them

    Nov 21, 2018
    Pagan Witch and Demonolatrist
    It does seem strange to me most of what you say I agree with. But being as im not as well versed and kinda new to lhp tho I am luciferian imma take a seat back and let others answer.
  3. crossfire

    crossfire Antinomian feminist heretic freak ☿
    Premium Member

    Sep 4, 2012
    ☿ Mercuræn Mahayana Buddhist & Pastafarian
    Here is how Joseph Campbell defines it. I tend to agree with him.
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  4. Viker

    Viker Spirit in Black

    Oct 8, 2011
    In Diabolica
    Much of the impression you will get appears to be just that. A lot of right leaning knee jerking all around. Western "LHP" is in shambles.

    My self, I don't always have time or patience for conventions in politics and society. I do believe in liberation from the bonds of customs, traditions, expectations, etc.
  5. Aštra’el

    Aštra’el Aštara, Blade of Aštoreth

    Dec 28, 2014
    I will say what it means for me, and offer a glimpse into my own LhP experience. It makes no difference whether or not anyone agrees.



    LhP is a type of Weltanschauung which prioritizes absolute devotion to one’s own Will above everyone else’s.

    You forge your own path in life as much as possible. You choose as you Will and you refuse to ever regret those choices.

    Your Weltanschauung is an honest and genuine reflection of who you know you are at your core and who you Will to be, and whatever purpose your heart screams out for the most. You do not lie to yourself and say you are something you are not. You accept your human Nature no matter how beautiful or terrible it gets... and you unleash whatever sides you Will, whenever you Will. You may adapt to your environment and adopt a culture’s customs to meet your objectives, and give whatever impression you choose, but deep down you do not share their sense of morality. You can not, it is not who you are. There is only what you Will to do and what you Will not to do, and why- and not because you view it as “right” or “wrong”, or “good” or “evil” as they do, because you do not- but because it is your choice, and you either Will it or you do not.

    You can stand within a large crowd, and be the only one there. What matters most is something only you can see, vividly. Yet, your belief in yourself is unwavering. You prioritize your own Will above all others and you create your own destiny, sacrificing whatever you must, with no regret.

    The epic journey itself is just as much worth it all as the destinations.

    There are moments of excitement and beauty and pleasure, and there are moments of hate and cruelty and suffering, and there are so many faces within the whirlwind of dreams and memories swirling around you... but no matter who you let into your life, the path you walk is one you walk alone. You may have gods with you, who you experience in your own way, embodying and voicing your deepest and truest inclinations- or you may not- but regardless, no other human will ever truly understand this road you walk, or why.

    Every human falls... but you do not stay down, your nature forbids it. Something inside always lifts you up, and something inside always burns strong. You keep moving forward into your dreams, no matter how beautiful or terrible they might be. You find strength, power, wisdom and beauty wherever you Will. You do not stop. Not ever. You rise and you fall, and then you rise again, and you push back harder against whatever stands in your way. And you do not regret a thing, ever, because every decision you’ve ever made led you into this moment, here and now, and there is nowhere else you’d rather be.

    You alone bear the torch in this endless night... but the vast expanse of opportunity is exhilarating. This all began as an ember, and will end with an inferno.

    This is how the LhP has taken form through me. I have voiced my thoughts in such a way as if I were speaking to a reflection, or to anyone out there who might resonate with what was said.

    I look forward to reading about others’ experiences and perspectives regarding the term “Left Hand Path”.
    #5 Aštra’el, Apr 8, 2022
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2022
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