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House churches?


Maybe others have already heard of this guy, but I just discovered him. His name is Frank Viola, and he's a big supporter of the house church movement. Here's a link to an interview done with him a couple years ago, regarding his book Pagan Christianity:


He says some pretty interesting stuff. And I agree with him in most areas. I also grew up in a church that started from a house church, and had no pastor (due to the belief that pastors are unbiblical), so I know where he's coming from. What are others' opinions on his views? I find them refreshing. Too many traditional churches these days have alienated believers by exalting the clergy and not encouraging all believers to participate and live out the role of being the Body of Christ.


Citizen Mod
I have attended a few book studies by the Jehovah Witnesses which are downright homey and I have attended metaphysical studies in a Reverend’s home. Sometimes these methods of holding services at home are more practical for some religions who do not have the funding to rent or buy property to build structures of worship. I also believe this will be more of the standard in the future. With the exception of the offering in the form of a sacrament or the decision of directing priests over a flock, I would prefer a home service to a church service.
The next house that mrscardero and I get may be zoned for religious services. I thought it would be a good idea to offer religious studies and services to the mentally handicapped residents that mrscardero used to take care of at her previous job. Where I live now it wouldn't be practical.